ILA Air Show Berlin 2016


With its numerous innovations and advanced technology the ILA Berlin Air show 2016 demonstrated the capabilities and achievements of all areas of the global Aerospace industry. From the 1st to the 4th of June a wide range of the latest hi-tech products as well as research and development projects were displayed by the 1, 017 exhibitors from 37 countries.


During this four-day event 150,00 trade and general visitors thronged to the 250,000 square-meter Berlin ExpoCenter Airport.


Highlights of the Berlin Air show 2016 in the flying display this year were: the new Airbus flagship; and the A320neo,  fitted with its new more environment friendly engines; the Tanker and transport aircraft; the Airbus A330MRTT, which made its debut at ILA. Visitor were able to inspect the world´s  two largest commercial Aircrafts, The Airbus A380 in Emirates livery, and a Boing 747-8 from the Lufthansa fleet (on the ground), and The Bluecopter from Airbus Helicopters which represents a new generation of  Helicopters.


ILA was organized by the German Aerospace Industries Asociation.


ILA 2016 hits the technological heights.


 ©ILA Air show Berlin 2016.




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