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BRAFA 2022

  New Body – Same Heart

An absolutely Beautiful come back


Brafa @ Brussels Expo
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-view of the entrance of the fair at Brussels Expo-Hall 4 © Fabrice Debatty


From Sunday 19th to Sunday 26th of June 2022, BRAFA will host 115 galleries at Brussels Expo, selected with care for a circuit that will retrace more than 5000 years of history. 10,000 to 15,000 works ranging from archaeology to contemporary art and design will be offered to collectors and art lovers.

Brafa – General view
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – General view of Brafa © Fabrice Debatty


This 67th edition marks a new chapter for BRAFA. A change of venue is always a challenge and we did our best to approach this move with a lot of enthusiasm and energy! We feel great impatience amongst all our participants, but also amongst the many visitors who are looking forward to their favourite event.

The Fair, known for its eclecticism, will further expand its palette by presenting
Islamic art for the first time. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that each gallery, whether it is a longtime participant or a newcomer, brings its personality, its universe, and contributes to the enrichment ofBRAFA as a whole.

BRAFA is not just an art fair, it is foremost an experience, a place of exchanges and

We look forward to seeing you there.

Harold t’
Kint de Roodenbeke, Chairman




Arne Quinze
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – Arne Quinze © Fabrice Debatty


The 67th edition of BRAFA will open under a bright summer sun. As soon as they enter the Fair, visitors will be charmed by a richlycoloured decor inviting them to escape and dream. Elegantly flowered, covered with a unique carpet, and embellished by sculptures, paintings and drawings by the Belgian guest of honour, Arne Quinze.

Whilst this change of scenery has undoubtedly breathed new life into BRAFA, the Fair has also retained its essential values: quality, authenticity and eclecticism. Collectors  and art lovers will be able to explore the aisles where longstanding galleries and 18 new exhibitors will be displayed in a circuit that promotes discovery and a mix of styles.

Brafa – General view
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – General view of Brafa © Fabrice Debatty


This year, amongst other novelties, and faithful to its constant evolution, BRAFA will be welcoming the Galerie Kevorkian, specialised in the arts of the ancient East and Islamic Civilization, alongside twenty other specialties. 80 independent experts were invited prior to the opening to rigorously scan thousands of works.



Galerie Kevorkian
Finial with confronted winged ibexes
Western Iran, Luristan, Iron Age II, early 1st millennium B.C.
H 17 cm
Provenance: collection of Dr T., Paris; Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 10 November 2000
This item has been checked against the Interpol database


Collectors and art lovers will find objects from all over the world. As a Belgian fair, BRAFA boasts many pearls of Belgian art, including Samuel Van Hoegaerden, who will exhibit logograms by Christian Dotremont. Francis Maere will present a stand devoted to the sculptures and drawings of Eugene Dodeigne. The Collectors Gallery will exhibit a beautiful bracelet by Pol Bury, not to mention the two exceptional Paul Delvaux which can be admired at Stern Pissarro and De Jonckheere.


Not to be missed, the stand of Maruani Mercier, which represents this year’s guest of honor, Arne Quinze, is entirely devoted to him and forms a kind of total work with paintings, drawings, and carpets by the artist.

BRAFA Art Fair 2022-MARUANI MERCIER © Fabrice Debatty


BRAFA 2022 will also be a great opportunity to get to know the works of artists from outside Europe, including the Cameroonian artist Barthélémy Toguo at Nosbaum Reding, the American artist Summer Wheat at ZidounBossuyt Gallery and the AmericanKenyan artist Wangechi Mutu at Galerie Boulakia.



18 New galleries for 2022

On the Belgian side, six newcomers will be exhibiting in June 2022 at Brussels Expo: the Collectors Gallery, Thomas Deprez Fine Art, Dei Bardi Art, Galerie Kraemer + Ars Belga, MDZ Gallery and QG Gallery.

The Collectors Gallery in the Sablon in Brussels specialises in jewellery and objects by artists and designers from the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries. It offers works of art to wear, signed amongst others by Pol Bury, Pablo Picasso, Sophia Vari, and Claude Lalanne, as well as an important collection of sculptural jewellery by Belgian goldsmiths.

Thomas Deprez seduces amateurs of Belgian findesiècle art and pays special attention to the Brussels avantgarde society “Les XX” and the Impressionist and Symbolist movements in Belgium.

Also in Brussels, Dei Bardi Art brings together a range of works ranging from medieval sculptures and Wunderkammer objects to Renaissance sculptures, with a predilection for those in marble and stone.

The Galerie Kraemer, associated with Ars Belga, combines antique furniture and objects (eighteenth century) with modern works.

Finally, two galleries based in Knokke, specialising in postwar and contemporary art, will make their debut at BRAFA: the MDZ Gallery and the QG Gallery.



QG Gallery
©BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – QG Gallery


On the international side, special mention must be made of the participation of two new Swiss galleries, both located in Geneva. One offering contemporary art (AV Modern & Contemporary) and the other, decorative objects from the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries (Galerie Latham).


Newcomers to BRAFA in June include:

The Cavagnis Lacerenza Fine Art gallery from Milan, specialised in ancient classical sculpture, European sculpture and art objects

Barbara Bassi, based in Cremona, and specialised in antique jewellery.

The London gallery, Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art, which has specialised for three generations in Old Masters’ paintings, from the seventeenth century and the Baroque period to the nineteenth century, with a renowned expertise in the field of paintings by students and disciples of Caravaggio, will also be present in June.

Also from London, the Gilden’s Art Gallery will offer works on paper by Alexander Calder, Sam Francis and Marc Chagall.



Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art © Fabrice Debatty



Three Parisian galleries have been added to the list of French exhibitors at BRAFA:

The Kevorkian gallery, which specialises in the archaeology of the Ancient East and the Arts of Islam and India

The Galerie Dina Vierny, which is focused on modern and postwar art,

and the contemporary art gallery La Forest Divonne.


Nosbaum Reding
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – Nosbaum Reading
©BRAFA Art Fair



On the Luxembourg side

The Nosbaum Reding gallery, halfway between a Project room and an art gallery, brings together artists in light of the contemporary market. Also specialised
in contemporary art.


The ZidounBossuyt Gallery focuses on AfricanAmerican and emerging African artists.



Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – Zidoun-Bossuyt, ©Courtesy Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery



Finally, to be discovered in June at BRAFA, an Austrian gallery: Florian Kolhammer. Located in the heart of Vienna, it specialises in Jugendstil, art deco, design and furniture (Josef Frank).



Florian Kolhammer
Josef Frank (Baden 1885-1967 Stockholm)
Showcase, circa 1946
Mahogany, glass, mirror glass, brass
H 171 x W 90 x D 31 cm
Provenance: private collection, Sweden
Literature: Kristina Wängberg-Eriksson & Jan Christer Eriksson, Josef Frank Möbelformgivaren, Carlssons 2014, K 78; Christopher Long, Josef Frank: Life and Work, University of Chicago Press 2001, p. 236; Monica Boman e.a., Svenska Mobler 1890-1990, Bokforlaget Signum 1991, p. 263
Throughout his life, Josef Frank was devoted to functional forms in his buildings. This commitment is embodied to perfection in this showcase designed in 1946.
Supported by four gyroscopic feet, the main body virtually seems to float above the lower pedestal. Narrow wooden strips are flush with the horizontal glass compartments, revealing an undisturbed view of the interior of this piece of exhibition furniture. Mirrored bottom and back panels further accentuate the objects stored within, reflecting the interior of the room.
With its mahogany wood and perfect workmanship, the vitrine exudes an exquisite elegance that unpretentiously subordinates itself to its actual purpose and facilitates the display of collected treasures.




This year, the highlights on display include a fragment of the head of pharaoh Senusret I at Axel Vervoordt, a 1962 Paul Delvaux, The Storm, at De Jonckheere. Studio 2000 Art Gallery will exhibit Children making music, a painting by Jan Sluijters dating from the early twentieth century (circa 1918) and the Univers du Bronze a sculpture by Auguste Rodin, Age d Airain, 18751877. Hélène Bailly Gallery will present a bust of a naked woman by Kees Van Dongen, Fernande Olivier, 1911.



Klaas Muller (stand 68) will be presenting a work of great moral power, Portrait of a man holding gloves by Adriaen Thomasz Key, a sixteenth century Dutch artist, whose portraits are silent witnesses of the deep gravity and selfawareness which characterised the Dutch Renaissance.



Klaas Muller
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-Klaas Muller © Fabrice Debatty


At De Jonckheere (stand 14), discover La Montée au Calvaire, a biblical subject painted by Cornelis Massys (Antwerp, sixteenth century) and at Costermans & Pelgrims de Bigard (stand 104), a study of Christ by Anthony Van Dyck (15991641).


Among the newcomers to this edition, the London gallery Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art (stand 19) will present paintings inspired by Caravaggio, including a superb Giuseppe Vermiglio, The Sacrifice of Isaac, 1615.



Giammarco Cappuzzo Fine Art
Elisabetta Sirani (Bologna, 1610-1670)
David with the head of Goliath, circa 1655/1660
Oil on canvas – 130 x 97 cm
Provenance: (probably) Saul Guidotti Collection, Bologna (17th century); (probably) Guidotti Family Collection (a David with the Head of Goliath was recorded by Marcello Oretti, 18th century); private collection, Paris (until 2018); acquired from the above by the current owner
Expertise by Dr. Adelina Modesti (26.05.2019) and by Dr. Donatella Biagi Maino (26.06.2019)
Condition: scientific analysis, Turin (January 2019); restored, Turin (January 2019); the painting is in excellent condition. It is not relined and is on its original canvas




Stern Pissarro Gallery (stand 105) presents this museumquality work, which was produced in 1946 by the Belgian painter Paul Delvaux, and has recently been put on the market. The illustrious Penelope, a symbol of feminine virtue in Greek mythology, was painted during the most important period of his artistic production.



Stern Pissarro Gallery
©BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – Stern Pissarro Gallery


Also on display will be two “kite” works, that of Kazuo Shiraga at Opera Gallery (stand 84) and that of Yayoi Kusama at Helene Bailly Gallery (stand 64), both resulting from the same artistic project conceived by the German collector Paul Eubel, the former director of the Gœthe Institute in Osaka, who was passionate about the Japanese kite tradition. After buying a washi paper in 1987, he became aware of the material’s potential and decided to send it to internationally renowned artists so that they could make works with it.


Amongst the beautiful works by Hans Hartung present at the fair (Galerie Hurtebize, Galerie Brame & Lorenceau, Galerie Boulakia, Galerie Fleury…), we note a pretty little painting by this artist, Untitled (1957), ink and watercolour on paper, at the galerie ABBA (stand 50).


The Alexis Pentcheff gallery (stand 78) will be presenting an unusual work by André Masson, Le fond de la mer (Hommage à Botticelli), 1937.



Galeria Jordi Pascual
Salvador Dalí (Figueres, 1904-1989)
Campanas de azúcar (Sugar bells), 1970
Watercolour and collage on cardboard
39 x 29.7 cm
Certificate of authenticity by Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí
Provenance: Order from Hoechst AG to Salvador Dalí for the realization of a greeting card in 1970; private collection
Exhibition: Barcelona, CaixaForum, Nadales de Salvador Dali, December 2006-January 2007


For lovers of Miro, an exceptional gouache by the artist at Galeria Jordi Pascual, Femmes et oiseaux, 1973 (stand 81).


The Cortesi Gallery (stand 76) will be showing various works by Walter Leblanc, including one of his flagship works, Twister Strings PRX9 (1977), cotton strings and white latex on cotton canvas, a threephase programme on a single canvas, with rounded corners.



Cortesi Gallery
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – Cortesi Gallery © Emmanuel Crooy



At the Oscar De Vos gallery (stand 72), an essential painting from this specialist of the Latem school: an oil on canvas by Emile Claus, Vue sur la Tamise, 1918.


As a prelude to the summer holidays, Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke (stand 15) will be presenting a luminous George Lemmen, Knokke Heyst, 1891.


In the field of extraEuropean contemporary art, discover the works of the Cameroonian artist Barthélémy Toguo at Nosbaum Reding (stand 109), a Luxembourg gallery with an address in Brussels that will be exhibiting at BRAFA for the first time.


The delicate work of the AmericanKenyan artist Wangechi Mutu at the Galerie Boulakia (stand 26)


The Chilean artist Roberto Matta at Die Galerie (stand 55) and at M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne (stand 6)


The American artist Summer Wheat and the South African artist Neo Image Matloga, the 2 artists presented at ZidounBossuyt Gallery (stand 77).  A newcomer, this Luxembourg gallery, known for having introduced influential AfricanAmerican artists to the Luxembourg scene, will also be exhibiting a great JeanMichel Basquiat, Untitled (Head), 1986.




The Galerie Mathivet (stand 2) presents a bronze torchlight, 1934, by Alberto Giacometti, considered to be one of his most beautiful achievements, and an imposing bronze sculptureobject, Tortue Topiaire II, 1992, by FrançoisXavier Lalanne (France, 19272008).



Galerie Mathivet
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – Galerie Mathivet © Fabrice Debatty



On the stand of the Austrian gallery Florian Kolhammer (stand 113), specialised in Jugendstil, art deco, design and furniture, discover an elegant display case from 1946 by Josef Frank, and Louis Poulsen external wall sconces in polished copper, circa 1966, by Poul Henningsen.


Axel Vervoordt (stand 12) displays a refined chair by the Brazilian designer José Zanine Caldas in pequi wood, circa 1970.



Axel Vervoordt
José Zanine Caldas (Belmonte 1918-2001 Victoria)
Lounge Chair
Pequi wood
Brazil, ca. 1970
65 x 65 x 65 cm
Provenance: private collection, Belgium, 2016-2019; Axel Vervoordt, Antwerp, Belgium, 2016; private collection Vera Brant, Brazil, acquired directly from the artist




For this comeback edition, Benjamin Proust Fine Art (stand 45) will be presenting Serenity, a classic marble woman’s head by the Polish sculptor Elie Nadelman, dated circa 1917 and inspired by ancient and Hellenistic sculpture. It was Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite sculpture, one of the very few works of ancient art he kept until his death.



Benjamin Proust Fine Art
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-Benjamin Proust Fine Art © Fabrice Debatty


At Xavier Eeckhout (stand 44), discover a fullsize patinated bronze alligator by Tofanari Sirio, which displays exceptional realism and production quality.


Univers du Bronze (stand 70) will present another refined animal sculpture in original plaster retouched with wax, Lion Dévorant un Sanglier, circa 1874, which seduces by its remarkable power of execution by the hand of a great master, AntoineLouis Barye (17951875).


The Gallery Desmet (stand 27) will be exhibiting a crucifixion with a vanity in bronze, wood and alabaster from the early eighteenth century, Florence, attributed to Massimiliano Soldani Benzi (16561740)




As the centrepiece of its stand, Montagut Gallery (stand 80) will be presenting an exceptional Soninke statue, from the Dogon culture, Mali, thirteenth century.

A selection of fetishes from the Democratic Republic of Congo will also be on display, at Didier Claes.



Didier Claes
Nkisi statue
Kongo Yombe, Democratic Republic of Congo
Wood, mirror, metal, pigments
H 29 cm
Provenance: collected in situ between 1902 and 1910 by the administrator Alexis Joseph Laurent; former collection of Alexis van Opstal (1874-1936), Belgium; private collection, France; private collection, Belgium
Publications/exhibitions: Cat. de la collection d’objets provenant du Congo belge appartenant à Alexis van Opstal, Belgium, 1933, cat. 8; Exh. cat., Tentoonstelling van Kongo-Kunst, Antwerp, 1937, p. 34, n° 366; Tribal Art Magazine, n° 43, 2006, p. 12;
Exh. cat. didier Claes, XXVII Biennale des Antiquaires, Paris, 2014, pp.26-27, fig. 14; Bakongo. Les fétiches mi-nkondi, mi-nkisi, Paris: Ed. Alain Lecompte, 2016, p. 292.
Neyt François, Sculptures et formes d’Afrique, Milan: 5 Continents Editions, 2018, pp. 58-59, fig. 12


The exhibition Nkisi focuses on the beauty of these forceobjects which, through the addition of various elements, were magically charged and enabled access to their ritual function of divination and communication with the spirits.


Dalton Somaré (stand 111) will present a very graphic portrait mask, Baule, Côte d’Ivoire, late nineteenth century, with traces of polychrome.


Dalton Somaré
BRAFA Art Fair 2022 – ©Dalton Somaré




For its first participation at BRAFA, the Galerie Kervorkian (stand 16) presents, amongst others, a set of bronzes from Luristan (Iran). Most of them come from a single French collection, including a large and elegant ibex and feline pin from the beginning of the millennium BC.



Galerie Kevorkian
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-Galerie Kevorkian © Fabrice Debatty
download image



Also to be discovered at the Eberwein Gallery (stand 39), a Greek head of Eros in marble of exceptional quality, late Hellenistic period, around the first century AD, from a private collection,:


At Cavagnis Lacerenza Fine Art (stand 106), a beautiful Roman head, Herm of Hercules, dating from the Roman Empire, midsecond century BC.




Amongst other wonders, the Galerie Hioco (booth #94) presents a remarkable monumental capital with figures of lions in pink sandstone, from Northern India, second century, Kushan period, from the Pinto collection, which is reminiscent of a similar centrepiece exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, as well as a bronze Buddha head from the Sukhothai Kingdom, Thailand, late fourteenth early fifteenth century, from a private English collection.



Galerie Hioco
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-Galerie Hioco © Fabrice Debatty



On display at Bertrand de Lavergne (stand 3) is a set of Chinese jewellery in twocoloured tourmaline, agate, carnelian, aquamarine in the shape of a seal, rock crystal, black and white jade, sapphire root and a rare Guanyin in yellow enamelled porcelain, aubergine and green, China, last part of the Ming period, sixteenth century.




Brun Fine Art (stand 85) presents a gilded wooden console with a pietra dura top representing a view of Prague, created in Naples around 1775.



Theunissen & de Ghellinck
BRAFA Art FAir 2022 – Theunissen & de Ghellinck © Emmanuel Crooÿ


On the stand of the Galerie Theunissen & de Ghellinck (stand 102), discover a small Japanese lacquered cabinet inlaid with motherofpearl, from the Edo period, eighteenth century.




The Costermans & Pelgrims de Bigard gallery (stand 104) features a large gilt and patinated bronze morello marble pendulum by the Emperor’s watchmaker, Lepaute, modelled by Louis Simon Boizot for the dealer Mercier Daguerre around 1805. It is a rare Louis XVI period model which was still produced during the Empire.


Costermans & Pelgrims de Bigard
BRAFA Art Fair 2022-Costermans & Pelgrims de Bigard © Fabrice Debatty


At Artimo Fine Arts (stand 114), discover a blue porcelain clock from Sèvres, with an enamelled dial by the greatest French enameller of the Louis XVI period.




Epoque Fine Jewels (stand 48) is presenting Art Nouveau jewellery from Lalique and a jewel from its Spanish counterpart Luis Masriera. It is a pendant, dated 1909, representing a winged girl with flowers in her hair, in white, green and pink enamel, white pearl, rosecut diamonds and 18 carat gold.



Collectors Gallery
Claude Wesel (Belgium, 1942-2014) for Fernand Demaret Studio
Unique piece, circa 1970
A 18 ct gold necklace of abstract bio-mechanical design set with a large opal doublet, diamonds and pearl
Marked on plaque: Demaret – 750 – maker’s mark and Wesel (engraved)

At the Collectors Gallery (stand 98), discover unique creations by former students from the École de Métiers dart de Maredsous, including necklaces by the brightest amongst them, Claude Wesel, who worked for the studio Fernand Demaret. Bernard Bouisset (stand 36) presents a platinum ring decorated with a stepped sapphire of exceptional size, embellished with trapezoidal diamonds.




The librairie Lardanchet (stand 93) presents a rare original edition of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. The edition contains a handwritten letter by Flaubert.

At JeanClaude Vrain (stand 5), discover the book Jazz by Henri Matisse, Paris 1947, published by Tériade, first edition.


Galerie Alexis Bordes
Alphonse Osbert (Paris, 1857-1939)
Méditation, 1907
Oil on canvas
24.6 x 41.2 cm
Signed, dated, titled and numbered on the back of the canvas: n ° 294 / A.Osbert / Méditation / 1907
Provenance: private collection.


Drawings from the 15th to the 20th century Galerie Alexis Bordes (stand 88) presents a beautiful drawing by Louis Léopold Boilly (17611845), La jeune dessinatrice, quill, black ink, grey wash and white highlights, from a private collection, France.


At Klaas Muller (stand 68), a drawing of a great technical execution by Jacob Jordaens (15931678) shows a study of a woman of profile, black line on red clay with white highlights.




De Wit Fine Tapestries (stand 4) will be presenting a remarkably wellconserved Brussels tapestry of wool and silk dating from 1530 with exceptional colours, illustrating the episode when King Solomon invited his mother Bathsheba to share the throne.



N. Vrouyr
BRAFA Art Fair 2022- N. Vrouyr © Fabrice Debatty


On the stand of N. Vrouyr (stand 46), next to an elegant carpet by Petag Tabriz (Iran), discover textiles with shimmering colours by Chinese minorities, including the ceremonial cover of the Dai, Yunnan province. The weavings, with their geometric lines and creative drawings, had an important influence on contemporary art. The Galerie Latham (stand 96), will be presenting an embroidered work by Annabelle dHuart (France, 1952), Black Sea Princess, 2013.



BRAFA Art Talks 2022: an array of conferences for art lovers


From Saturday June 18th to Saturday June 25th at 4pm, with the exception of Monday June 20th, the BRAFA will offer a series of lectures, given by art and museum curators, art market experts and the guest of honour, Arne Quinze. They will take place at the stand of The Fondation Roi Baudouin (#115) where the speakers will share their knowledge in exciting and varied fields. The BRAFA Art Talks, which reflect the eclecticism of the Fair, are a great opportunity to discover art world eras and personalities.



De Jonckheere
Pieter Brueghel the Younger (Brussels 1564-1636 Antwerp)
Wedding dance outside, 1612
Oil on panel – 43.1 x 59 cm
Signed and dated BRVEGHEL 1612
Provenance: private collection, France, mid-19th century; collection Leegenhoek; collection Richard Green, 1995; collection S. Richman, USA


115 prestigious galleries from 15 countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States), will present their best works in ancient, modern and contemporary art, from Sunday 19thto Sunday 26thof June 2022 at Brussels Expo on the Heysel plateau.




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