Documenta 14, Athens 2017


Learning from Athens

 Under the direction of Adam Szymczyc, artistic director of the exhibition, and  in collaboration with an extensive team of curators and professionals, one of the most important, innovative and spectacular Contemporary Art exhibitions in the World -Documenta14- opens its doors on 8th of April 2017;  for the first time in a double exhibition together with one of the most interesting, cultural and historically rich city -Athens-.

 During 100 days (8th April- 16th July),  the exhibition extends over the city in more than 40 different public institutions, squares, cinemas, University locations and libraries; over 160 international artists will show works newly conceived for Documenta 14.

 Documenta 14, Athens  locations:

Athens Conservatoire ( ODEION ATHINON), Athens School of Fine Arts( ASFA), Benaki Museum, EMST -National Museum of Contemporary Art, Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, Documenta 14 Music at Megaron, Parko Eleftherias, Athens Municipality Arts Center. Museum of anti-dictatorial and Democratic resistance, Agricultural Universty of Athens  (AUA), America Square, Ancien Agora of Athens, Odeon of Agripa, Archeological Museum of Piraeos, Archimedous 15, Aristotele´s Lyceum, Attis, Avid Square, Byzantine and Christian Museum(Garden), Dionysiou Areopagitu, Elpidos square 13-Victoria Square, Epigraphic Museum, First Cemetery of Athens, Fylasion 42, Gennadius Library, Greek Film Archive -Tainiothiki- , Hadjikyriakos -Ghika Gallery (Benaki Museum), Isaora & Raymond Duncan Dance research Center, Karaiskaki Square – Piraeus, Kotzia Square, Museum of Islamic Art -Benaki Museum, Monoument -Madra Blokkou Kokkinias-, National Archeological Museum, Numismatic Museum Athenes, Panathenaic Stadium Hellenic Olympic Committee, Pedion tou Areos, Philopappos Hill, Piraeus, Municipal Teather, -Polythechnion- Athenes School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and the National Technical Univerity of Athenes (NTUA), Polythecniou 8, Rizari Park, Romantso, Seaside Location – Close to Thymari- , Sella Municipal Cinema, Stoa Tou Vivliou, Syntagma Square, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Tositsa 5 -Exarcheia- , Trianon, Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation.

The Director of Documenta 14th  Adam Szymczyc  has only one wish, that the people liberate themselves from the old knowledge and within a clear mind to be able to learn again, to see the world with a different way of thinking, not only in the Art world  but also in their own enviroment, to be able to be more responsible and to make a better world.

Documenta14,  A  global platform for Art and Dialog.


©Documenta 14,  8th April- 16th July 2017.





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