The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy

The lake Iseo hosted over a million visitors, offering an unforgettable artistic experience and allowing people to learn about a hidden corner of Italy,” said Paola Pazzoti, Mayor of Sulzano.

Over 1,200,000 people visited Christo and Jeanne-Claude´s  artwork The Floating Piers during 16 days from June 18th through July 3rd 2016.

The temporary  artwork featured fabric-covered piers, 3 Kilometers in length, constructed across the water of Lake Iseo, and continued along 2,5 Kilometers of pedestrian streets in Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio.

” Each project is a slice of our lives and something that you will never forgot,” said Christo. Jeanne-Claude and I first conceived The Floating Piers in 1970.  I later found Lake Iseo to be the most inspiring location to realize this project. Zhe Lake´s water the landscape, and the communities around it have been all part of The Floating Piers. An important part of this project is the temporary aspect, it has a nomadic quality-this is why after 16 years is gone.”

The Floating Piers was free and accessible to the public, and no tickets or reservations were required.

“Monte Isola was Caput Mundi, (Capital of the World), for 16 days,” said Fiorello Turla, Mayor of Monte Isola.

The Floating Piers have, with out doubt, been a great success,” Said Guseppe Faccanoni, president of Lake Basin Authority.

 ©Christo and Jeanne-Claude´s The Floating Piers.






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