Liverpool Biennial 2016



The 9th edition of Liverpool Biennial 2016, the UK´s largest contemporary art festival, unfolded through the landscape of the city from 9th of July to15th of October.


It was organized as a story narrated in several episodes and fictional worlds, which drew from Liverpool´s past, present and future.


44 International Artists were participating and have created new work.


Liverpool Biennial 2016, explored fictions, stories and history, taking viewers on a series of voyages through time and space. These Journeys took the form of six episodes: Ancient Greece, China Town, Children´s episode, Software, Monuments from the future and Flashback. These were sited in Galleries, public spaces, unusual buildings, through live performance and online.


Liverpool Biennial, takes place across the city in public places, unused  buildings and galleries. the Biennial is underpinned by a program of research, education, residences and commissions. Founded in 1998, Liverpool Biennial has commissioned 305 artworks and presented work by over 450 artists from around the world.


The 9th Edition Liverpool Biennial 2016,  a very creative and Fantastic Art Contemporary Festival!






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