The 23rd Edition of Paris Photo

In the heart of the Paris at the historic Grand Palais.


Jean-Baptiste Huynh – KENYA – Portrait 1, 2019 ©Jean-Baptiste Huynh / LELONG & CO.


A platform for discovery and exchange, Paris Photo aims once again this year to unveil the best of photography, over nearly two centuries, proposed by 180 galleries reunited from around the world. 33 publishers join this exuberance, because photography would not exist without the support of the book, essentialin the visibility and the knowledge that it brings to the medium.

Paris Photo also presents an ambitious program, created with the help of partners, including BMW, presenting the work of their laureate, Emeric Lhuisset, and J.P. Morgan, celebrating the anniversary of the JPMorganChase Art Collection.

Paris Photo  is also proud to offer visitors the occasion to discover the Fondation A Stichting with an exhibition that questions our perception in a world of overa bundant images. Conversations, artists’ signatures, the 4 laureates of the Carte Blanche Students, special exhibitions and awards are all part of a dynamic week that will nourish our sensibilities and develop our understanding of the medium.

Finally, during the week of the fair, the “In Paris During Paris Photo” program offers visitors an extensive selection of photography exhibitions throughout the city as well as more exclusive offers for our most prestigious guests.

For the 23rd edition of Paris Photo, 213 exhibitors from 31 countries are reunited at the Grand Palais across 5 sectors offering visitors the largest panorama of premium photographic artworks available on the market today.




– BOOK Sector

– PRISMES Sector (Located in the Salon d’Honneur on the upper floor)

– CURIOSA Sector (Located on the main floor under the Balcony)

– FILM Sector (Located in the Grand Palais mk2 cinema)









Paris Photo 2019 is honoured to pay tribute to the memory of Robert Frank, and his unparalleled contribution to the history of photography, through this installation of ‘Mary’s Book’. This presentation is made possible by the gallerist Howard Greenberg, who acquired the book from Mary many years ago; he has promised it as a gift to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.



Un voyage américain: sur les traces de Robert Frank (image extraite du film), Philippe Séclier, 2009 (58′), ©Robert Frank /Courtesy: Silex films / Selenium Films/ Muse Film and Television Inc.- Les Douches Paris


Sarah Greenough, Senior Curator and Head of the Department of Photographs at the National Gallery of Art, on “Mary’s Book,” 1949, which Robert Frank made for his first wife Mary Lockspeiser: 

Among the first photographs that Frank made on his return to Europe, they show his debt to Kertész and his new appreciation for the poetic resonance of objects and spaces. Many are devoid of people, although their presence is felt everywhere – in the handwritten signs instructing “Silence s.v.p ma fille dort” (Quiet, please, my daughter is sleeping) or the empty chairs whose arrangements suggest both past intimate conversations and solitary contemplation, as well as future occupation. (Unlike many of Frank’s earlier photographs) these works carefully situate their subjects in their surroundings, showing, for example, the trees that gently shade a seated observer or the cobblestones that elegantly ring a lamp – post…. With his affinity both for the things that are often unnoticed and the people who are on the margins of society, he showed, for example, the nondescript street where he lived and the blind musician whom most people, except children, pass by without a second glance.

The short sequence nominally presents the journey of a visitor to Paris (but it)has no narrative or chronological progression and is instead a series of impressions, with each page spread devoted to similar objects….For the first time, Frank explored the use of words with his photographs, writing inscriptions onto the pages. Like those in (Kertész’s)

Day of Paris, these texts vary between commentaries on the photographs themselves and transcriptions of what the subjects might be saying….With its wistful romantic imagery and intensely personal inscriptions, Mary’s Book becomes far more like a lyric love song than any traditional photographic sequence. Although in his dedication Frank reminded Mary that he had promised her a “little story,” he admitted that “maybe this is not a story,” and urged her instead to remember, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry had written, that “it is only with the heart that once can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Excerpted from: Sarah Greenough, “Resisting Intelligence: Zurich to New York,” in Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans, Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art and Steidl, 2009, pp. 26 – 27.




Philippe Chancel – Datazone #13, Continent Antarctique, Charcot Point – 2017
©Philippe Chancel / MELANIE RIO



The Platform is presented in both English and French language with simultaneous translation. Entry is granted freely on a first – come, first – seated basis.

This year, the Platform offers a rich series of exclusive interviews with leading names in photography, complemented by round table discussions that touch on various themes through the prism of the image with approaches as diverse as architecture, society, history, gender, ecology, emerging trends…

Hans – Ulrich Obristhosts a session of marathon interviews with personalities from the world of photography. These interviews cover several generations and various social and racial histories as different as radical, with Samuel Fosso, Josef Koudelka, Tyler Mitchell, Zanele Muholi and Ming Smith.

Ayana V. Jackson with curator Jason Molchanow, explores the question of the representation of black identities in the collective imagination since the nineteenth century.

David Campany offers a journey of the relationship between photography and architecture. A subject of preference for many photographers, the medium is u sed to not only document or transfigure the constructed world, but also to reveal broader truths about society with Hélène Binet, Victor Burgin, Hannah Collins, Felicity Hammond, Daniel Shea and Jules Spinatsch.

The theme of ecology is addressed through the eyes of Josh Haner, The New York Times photographer, in discussion with Meaghan Looram.

Fannie Escoulen, mandated by the French Ministry of Culture, continues her investigation into the visibility of women photographers in France and abroad. After an i ntroduction by Agnès Saal, she takes stock of the still alarming situation and proposes, with statistics, a sociological analysis with Marie Docher and Irene Jonas, continued by a debate on initiatives and programs in Europe to enhance visibility women photographers at the international level with Delphine Bedel, Anna Fox, Anna – Alix Koffi.

Osei Bonsu, guest curator of the Curiosa sector, hosts two round tables with a selection of international emerging artists represented in the sector, revealing the diversity of their interests, with Nydia Blas, Marguerite Bornhausser, Marie Clerel, Leandro Feal, Elsa & Johanna, Nathaniel Lewis, Elsa Leydier and Roman Moriceau.

Following the publication of his book on Photographie française: La fin de la disgrâce? published by Éditions Textuel, Michel Poivert animates around table on photography in France over the last 50 years, with Marta Gili, Jérôme Sother and Olga Smith. Françoise Paviot, international expert in historical and modern photography,M explains how to de fine vintage photography today.

Emanuele Quinz and Samuel Bianchinipresent DISSECT # 2, a multidisciplinary debate with works by Meghann Riepenhoff in a experimental project, with Emmanuel Alloa, Federica Chiocchetti, Luce Lebart, Pascal Viel, Dork Zabun yan. This project was developed as part of the Reflective Research Group Interaction of EnsadLab, with the support of the Arts & Sciences Chair École Polytechnique, EnsAD – PSL and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.




1980: Steam hovers over the sidewalk during rush hour on Sixth Avenue, New York City. Colour Photography book. (Photo by Ernst Haas/Ernst Haas/Getty Images)



Organized by The Eyes magazine, the Artist Talks put into perspective the link between the artist and the book in their artistic practice, editorial approach and in their publications.

In an intimate and friendly atmosphere, each artist will share with the audience their experience around their most recent publication in a set format of 10 minutes, followed by a Q&A.

In all 37 artists selected by the editorial board of The Eyes magazine are invited to participate in one of the 3 sessions of 45 minutes organizedeach day at Paris Photo.


Initiated in November 2012 by Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo, the Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photo Book Awards celebrate the photobook’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography, with three major categories: First PhotoBook, PhotoBook of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year.

The shortlisted books, accompanied by the jury’s comments, will be featured in the fall 2019 edition of The Photo Book Review issue 017 (published by Aperture Foundation), to be released at Paris Photo. Following their display during Paris Photo, an exhibition of the thirty – five shortlisted books will travel to Aperture Gallery in New York and may be exhibited at other venues.




José GuerreroBarragan #3 MX, 2018
©José Guerrero Barragan / ALARCON CRIADO





A $10,000 prize will be awarded to the photographer(s)/artist(s) whose first finished, publicly available photobook is judged to be the best of the year. Twenty books from this category will be selected for the shortlist, presented to the Jury for the final selection and exhibited during Paris Photo.



This prize will be awarded to the photographer(s)/artist(s), and publisher responsible, for the photobook judged to be the best of the year. Ten booksfrom this category will be selected for the shortlist, presented to the Jury for the final selection and exhibited during Paris Photo.



Awarded to the publication, publisher, and/or organizing institution responsible for the exhibition catalogue or museum publication judged to be the best of the year. Five books f rom this category will be selected for the shortlist, presented to the Jury for the final selection and exhibited during Paris Photo.



In the twenty years since Horacio Fernández first wrote Fotografía Pública (MNCARS, 1999), the first landmark book to position the scholarship of books and magazines as a topic of critical importance to the photographic medium, “book about books” has become a genre of publishing unto itself. Each year, the PhotoBook Awards jury sees at least one well – researched, richly illustrated publication that presents some new facet of photobibliophilia — often using the filter of a particular region or city or even a particular thematic niche. This year, however, the jury noted a rise in the number of books about books that exceeded expectation in terms of design, like Printed Photography in Venezuela; or ventured into new territory, telling the story of a single notable magazine, like Camera Austria International: Laboratory for Photography and Theory. Each of these volumes, in its own way, adds additional detail and texture to the evolving connoisseurship and scholarship dedicated to the photobook.




Josh Haner, HanerClimate – Nature 2, The New York Times
©Josh Haner/The New York Times


Since 2015 Josh Haner, Pulitzer Prize – winning New York Times photographer has worked across the globe documenting the pressing and wide -ranging realities of climate change.

Combining the drama of drone footage from the air with the intimacy of still images from the ground, the series is an intricate exploration of the many consequences resulting from a warming world. Haner’s visual narrative starkly illuminates the ultimate legacy of climate change: the loss of our planet’s vast heritage.



For a third consecutive year, Paris Photo gives a carte blanche to the students of the GOBELINS l’école de l’image to share their vision of the International Fair. Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, they follow the behind the scenes of the event from the construction of the booths to the excitement of the fair. In video and in photos, they share their view of this worldwide event for photography in Paris.

GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, is an educational institution of the Paris Ile – de – France Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is today the school of reference for the creation of the image from its conception to its production. It has built a solid reputation for over 50 years in the fields of photography, in teractive design, graphic design, animation, print and multimedia communication.



Paris Photo, Picto Foundation, and SNCF Gares & Connexions, for the 3rd year, partner to launch a platform in promotion of the discovery and exposure of outstanding young talent within masters or bachelor programs in European schools for photography and the visual arts. Four student projects, selected by a jury, are presented in a large format exhibition in Paris Gare du Nord train station (Oct. 15 – end of Nov) and in a dedicated space at Paris Photo. Their work will also be the highlighted during the Artist Talks.

The carte blanche jury is composed of Sylvain Bailly (Director of Cultural Affairs, SNCF Gares & Connexions), Quentin Bajac (Director, Jeu de Paume – Paris), Marisa Bellani (Galerist, Roman Road Gallery-London), Vincent Marcilhacy (Director, Picto Foundation), Laure Tiberghien (Artist), Christoph Wiesner (Artistic Director, Paris Photo), Marie – Ann Yemsi (Curator).



The annual NEXT – IMAGE Awards are an important part of Huawei’s overarching NEXT – IMAGE plan to redefine visual expression and culture through more professional and intuitive smartphone cameras. Launched in 2017, the awards provide HUAWEI smartphone users from around the world with a gallery where they can showcase their best work to a global audience. In 2019, the jury received over 520,000 submissions to the awards from over 150 different countries, with some 800 finalists chosen.

The 2019 NEXT – IMAGE Awards are broken down into six categories: ‘Going the Distance’, ‘Faces’, ‘Hello, Life!’, ‘#Emotion Tag’, ‘Life Now’ and ‘Storyboard


The Maison Ruinart Award – Elsa Leydier

For its second edition, the Maison Ruinart Award is attributed to one of the artists featured in the Curiosa sector at Paris Photo: Elsa Leydier, an emerging French photographer born in 1988 who lives in Rio de Janeiro.

She explores the power of photography in the representation of territories and highlights the role of the image in the perception we have of the suppos

ed natural environment. Invited in September 2019 during the harvest in the vineyards of Ruinart, Elsa Leydier will deliver her artistic vision of the link between nature and the women and men who work with the vines.

The artworks created after this art residency will be exhibited in the North East corridor of Grand Palais during Paris Photo 2019. This award is organized by Maison Ruinart with the support of the Picto Foundation.


SERIOUSLY CONVIVIAL. Stéphane Lavoué – Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard’s tenth carte blanche photography campaign celebrates a new facet of conviviality – that intrinsic ability of the Group’s employees and brands to create genuine moments of sharing and celebration. Unlike previous editions, Group employees do not face the camera alone.

As this is an exceptional year, we invited them to meet other people who, within their respective communities, act as creator, link and ambassador in relation to this culture of sharing. Stéphane Lavoué has injected all these moments of sharing with great aesthetic power and created a stunning gallery of interwoven portraits.

Pink Ribbon Photo Award – Estée Lauder

Since its first edition in 2012, the mission of the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award is to mobilise the public to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer, through the campaign, held each autumn in France by the non-profit organization Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons -en !

True to its anchorage in all layers of society, the contest is open to all photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. Each year, hundreds of contributions are received from all over France.

For the third year, Paris Photo welcomes the finalists and laureates of the Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award for an exhibition and the awards ceremony, with the annou n cement of the Jury Prizes and the Téva Public Prize.

For more information:

To make a donation:





Facundo DE ZUVIRIA – Lavadero en Manantiales, Uruguay 1991



FRAGMENTS – Fondation A Stichting – Brussels

Astrid Ullens De Schooten Collection

In October 2012 the Fondation A Stichting opened its doors south of Brussels, on the site of the former Bata factories. Created at the instigation of Astrid Ullens de Schooten, the state approved foundation has a vocation to support the creation, awareness and conservation of photographic images.

The aim of the Fondation A Stichting is to explore the challenges and contradictions of image documents so as to examine this visual – oriented world that we inhabit. Three temporary exhibitions take place each year, accompanied by interpreting and writing photography workshops targeted at young people and children. Pupils and students are invited to engage in dialogue with the artists during the Premières Découvertes gatherings. The Fondation A Stichting collection is comprised of works by photographers with a documentary – style approach, many of which receive global recognition, as well as artists who have already experienced a long career and deserve more visibility. Since 2015, the Fondation A Stichting also dedicates one exhibition per season to a budding creator. A veritable platform for the photographic image, the Fondation A Stichting also supports exhibition and publishing projects, organized in collaboration with other cultural institutions.

Photography looks to depict the world, bear witness to events that have happened, keep records, stimulate the memory and reflect on reality. Is making the visible stand out in a panoptic and digital society only intended for those who really want to see, as Lewis Baltz maintains in one of his writings? We are almost two decades into a new century yet the same questions remain unanswered, important and fundamental questions we must up to more than ever today, beyond all forms of border. The Fragments exhibition presents a selection of these fragments of the world.


Jean – Paul Deridder

Artistic director at the Fondation A Stichting

Exhibition curator



Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Juan Enrique Bedoya, Harry Callahan, Facundo de Zuviría, Mitch Epstein, Cesare Fabbri, Lee Friedlander, Paolo Gasparini, Guido Guidi, Nicholas Nixon, Max Regenberg, Martha Rosler, Judith Joy Ross, Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel, Ursula Schulz – Dornburg, Jaime Villaseca.

Free guided visit of the exhibition with Jean – Paul Deridder: 7, 8 et 10 November at 2.30pm

*This exhibition is presented on level 1 in the Salon d’Honneur with the support of J.P. Morgan, official partner of Paris Photo.



AYANA V. JACKSON (American, born 1977). Tignon, 2015, Archival pigment print, Acquired in 2016, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, Courtesy of the artist and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery


Collective Identity – J.P. Morgan Private Bank 

Marking our 9th year as official partner of Paris Photo, J.P. Morgan Private Bank is proud to return and exhibit a broad range of photographic portraits from the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection. Collective Identity features iconic works as well as recent acquisitions by artists from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

The exhibition, collaboratively curated by the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection team, reflects the Collection’s diverse and international identity as we celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Featured artists include: Carolle Benitah, Neil Goldberg, Myra Greene, Lyle Ashton Harris, Gabriela Iturbide, Ayanna V. Jackson, Jonas Mekas, Kyle Meyer, Zanele Muholi, Robert Mapplethorpe, Shirin Neshat, Katherin e Simóne Reynolds, Andres Serrano and Cindy Sherman.

L’Autre rive – Emeric Lhuisset


BMW Art & Culture

Official Partner of Paris Photo since 2003, BMW created the BMW Residency to support young creation, awarding a carte blanche each year to an emerging photographer. The eighth winner, Emeric Lhuisset, presents L’Autre rive and invites us to reimagine the story of a land that refuses simplification.

Because it focuses solely on the event, photojournalism is usually presented to us as the only relevant commentary. But, an isolated fact does not speak for itself. By nature, the speed of the event, its shock value, seem to correspond with the supposedly neutral qualities of the camera. It is not the slightest merit of Emeric Lhuisset to break the taboo of immediacy in favor of knowledge, the fruit of commitment and questionning.


Vik MunizMaison Ruinart

As the first – established champagne house, created in 1729, Maison Ruinart maintains close links with contemporary art, organizing frequent artistic events, giving carte blanche to well – known artists and supporting major art fairs throughout the world.

This year, the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz was chosen to pay tribute to the terroir and the savoir -faire that the Maison is rooted in. In his creations, he captured the creative tension that transforms adversity into wonder.

Based in Reims, Maison Ruinart and its spectacular crayères can be visited from March until November. There, you will also discover the new permanent installation of Vik Muniz, Flow Bottles.




Claire Aho, Circa 1958, Clary Von Platen -©JB

Claire Aho; Heikki Aho& Björn Soldan

The Foundation presents at Paris Photo three masters: the pioneering Finnish photographers and filmmakers Heikki Aho (1895 -1961), Björn Soldan (1902 – 1953) and Claire Aho (1925 -2015).

Heikki Aho and Björn Soldan were part of one of the most influential families in Finnish cultural history. Their father, author Juhani Aho (1861 – 1921), was married to artist Venny Soldan Brofeldt (1863 – 1945).

In 1924, they founded the legendary Aho & Soldan company, producing over 400 documentary films. Heikki ́s daughter Claire Aho, ‘The Grand Old Lady of Finnish Photography’, joined Aho & Soldan then opened her own studio. Cultural icon, pioneer of color photography, Claire Aho was especially active in the 1950s and 1960s.



This autumn 2019, the Jeu de Paume and Paris Photo team up to offer aunique cross – section intinerary from the Grand Palais to Place de la Concorde, highlighting works on show at the international art fair for photography and major monographic exhibitions at the art center. High school students will have the opportunity to discover both the cultural and professional world surrounding historical and contemporary photography.

This itinerary will take lead the scholastic group to Paris Photo on Thursday and Friday, November 7 – 8, 2019, to discover galleries from around the world and introduce them to the professional world of fine art photography.




07 – 10 November

Grand Palais. Paris, France



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