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A Rich Program of Events, Talks, and Tours

TEFAF Maastricht
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The 36th edition of TEFAF Maastricht will see a broad and dynamic curation of talks, events, and tours for its visitors: TEFAF Talks, TEFAF Meet the Experts, and TEFAF Tours. The program tracks the lead-up to and duration of TEFAF Maastricht itself, commencing on March 8 and concluding on March 19, 2023. TEFAF Talks will comprise interactive panel discussions to build and challenge conceptions of art history, collecting, and the art market. TEFAF Meet the Experts is a program of interactive conversations with internationally prominent exhibitors, centering on major object highlights across the fair, each a piece of immense historical and cultural merit. Finally, TEFAF Tours are expert-guided explorations of the fair, designed to enable visitors both private and institutional to deepen their knowledge of collecting categories, movements, or themes of interest.



The Rothschild
Ivory Sculpture: Johann Michael Egner
Goldsmith work: Hans Jacob Erhart
Strasbourg, ca 1645
Ivory, silver fire-gilded
master and city mark
Height 51cm
Provenance: Paris, Baroness Thérèse de Rothschild
 – A sensation is to be unveiled by Kunstkammer Georg Laue: the Rothschild Oliphant, which may be considered a masterpiece of Baroque ivory and goldsmith’s art. This masterful ivory sculpture in the form of an oliphant (hunting horn), which shows three-dimensional representations of intertwined and fighting animals, was made in ca 1645 by Johann Michael Egner, one of the most important Strasbourg sculptors of the17th century, who was forgotten and is now being rediscovered as a virtuoso sculptor thanks to a new archival find. Egner conceived not only the Rothschild Oliphant, but also a whole group of stylistically related works of art depicting entwined animals, which are preserved, among others, in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, in the Green Vault in Dresden, in the Royal Danish Treasury of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen and in the Royal Danish Treasury of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen anLandesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart. Egner’s ivory sculpture is enhanced by an elaborate mount of fire-gilt silver by the Strasbourg master Hans Jacob Erhar.
©Courtesy:  Kunstkammer Georg Laue, München/ London – TEFAF Mastricht 2023



Opening the 2023 program on March 11 is a talk by the Financial Times with three art collectors who have their own foundations explaining why and how they created them. The panel features Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Harald Falckenberg and Joop van Caldenborgh; the panel is moderated by Georgina Adam.



Antonacci Lapicirella Fine Art (Rome)
Giacomo BALLA,
Le quattro Stagioni (The Four Seasons) from 1940.
 – From 1940. Known as one of Italians leading futurist painters, this one of four early, striking red paintings surprise with their unusual and innovative character, confirming that the artist was a tireless avant-garde exponent. Drawing on the popular imagery of magazines, comics, and television, Balla anticipated a movement that would 30 years later be known as Pop Art. ©Courtesy: Antonacci Lapicirella Fine Art (Rome)



TEFAF is also partnering with influential art networks and councils including CODART, the international network of curators of Dutch and Flemish art, and ICOM-CC, the international council of museums – committee for conservation, to enrich and contextualize the 2023 program.



Utermann Gallery
Emil Nolde
Schiffe im Wind [Ships In The Wind], 1910
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 36.5 x 49 cm.
©Courtesy: Gallerie Utermann – TEFAF Mastricht 2023



Apollo Magazine, and AD France will also moderate talks with leading figures in the decorative arts, including representatives from the Van Gogh Museum, Hispanic Society Museum & Library, and Mobilier national.


Within the 2023 program, the Art Business Conference is hosted at TEFAF Maastricht with an exclusive series of talks on Friday March 10 on collecting in the corporate space, tackling how corporate collecting will grow in the future, and the inherent concerns of financialization in the art market.



Renaissance Lantern Tankard
Michael Muellner
Nuremberg, circa 1635
Silver partly fire-gilded with polychromy
Master and city mark
Height 16cm
– Only a handvoll of lantern-shaped tankards can be found in public and private collections. On the occasion of TEFAF, volume 9 of the Kunstkammer Edition on the subject of silver drinking games is published, in which the lantern tankard and other Renaissance puzzle vessels are published ©Courtesy: : Kunstkammer Georg Laue, München / London – TEFAF Mastricht 2023




TEFAF Talks are interactive panel discussions exploring today’s most fascinating topics in the worlds of art, antiques, and design. Paired with leading content partners, these talks showcase the knowledge of leading experts in the broader TEFAF community.



Peter Halley
Red Cell with Orange Background, 1985
Fluorescent acrylic and Roll-a-Tex on canvas – 163 x 183 cm – 64 x 72 in
©Copyright of the Artist, Courtesy of MARUANI MERCIER Gallery, Belgium.
 – MARUANI MERCIER Gallery, Belgium is presenting a selection of important modern and contemporary works by Pierre Alechinsky, Ross Bleckner, Chu Teh-Chun, Ron Gorchov, Peter Halley, Keith Haring, George Mathieu, Tony Matelli, Joan Miró, Paul Mogensen, Hermann Nitsch, Kenneth Noland, Gérard Schneider, and Takis.


TEFAF Talks presented by Financial Times

Inside the Private Museum

Three collectors on the phenomenon of private museums in the 21st century

Saturday, March 11


A growing phenomenon of the 21st century, over 400 private art museums are currently established around the world—of which more than half were created in the past two decades. What are the motivations behind these institutions? What are the challenges a collector faces when their private collection becomes public? What unique considerations are there in preserving the legacies of these collections?


In this panel, these questions are explored by three art collectors who have built their own foundations and opened their collections to the public: Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin; Harald Falckenberg of Sammlung Falckenberg in Hamburg; and Joop van Caldenborghof Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar.

– This talk is presented in partnership with the Financial Times and moderated by Georgina Adam, contributor to the FT and author of the recently published The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum (Lund Humphries, 2022).



Joop van Caldenborgh, Chairman of the Board, Stichting Voorlinden

Harald Falckenberg, Collector, Sammlung Falckenberg

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo



Georgina Adam, journalist and author



Brtnice 1870 – 1956 Vienna
Designed by: Josef Hoffmann, 1909
Executed by: Wiener Werkstätte, model no. S 1914
Marked: Container: JH, WW, master’s mark AB in circle, Austrian hallmark – head of Diana (A for Vienna, 2 for 900/1000), rose mark; Cruet stand: JH, WW, master’s mark AB in circle, Austrian hallmark – head of Diana (A for Vienna, 2 for 900/1000), rose mark, WIENER WERKSTÄTTE Silver, chased, malachite, 1 handle possibly replaced, glass containers and carafes replaced.
 – Josef Hoffmann designed at least two versions of this cruet set. Interestingly, both bear the same model number although they differ in design and arrangement of both the containers and the carafes.
H 22.5 cm, W 17.5 cm, D 14 cm
Provenance: private property, Austria
Shown at: MAK Vienna, Josef Hoffmann 1870-1956. Progress Through Beauty , December 2021 until June 2022 ©Courtesy: MAK Vienna – TEFAF Mastricht 2023



TEFAF Talks presented by Apollo

The Museum as a Collection of Collections

Discover the stories—and personalities—behind private collections in three international museums

Saturday, March 11



What happens to artworks that were once in the possession of private collectors after they enter public institutions? While museums that are named after a single benefactor seem to require little explanation—the Frick Collection in New York or the Wallace Collection in London—encyclopedic museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Louvre can be regarded as a “collection of collections,” offering a home to works collected by private individuals in various ways.


In this talk, Guillaume Kientz, director of The Hispanic Society of America, Katherine C. Luber, director of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Per Hedström, head of exhibitions at the Nationalmuseum Sweden, explore the private collections that are now in their care, the differing ways this came to be, and discuss if it is possible, or even desirable, to convey not only the story of the collected works, but also the personality of their respective collectors.

– This talk is presented in partnership with Apollo Magazine and moderated by Fatema Ahmed, deputy editor of Apollo Magazine.



Per Hedström, Director of Exhibitions, Nationalmuseum Sweden

Guillaume Kientz, Director, Hispanic Society Museum & Library

Katherine Crawford Luber, The Nivin & Duncan MacMillan Director & President, Minneapolis Institute of Art



Fatema Ahmed, Deputy Editor, Apollo Magazine



Antonacci Lapicirella Fine Art (Rome)
Les Musiciennes dans un parc, 1905 c.
Paul Louis Joseph BERTHON, the celebrated French Symbolist and lithograph artist.
 – The rediscovery of Les Musiciennes dans un parc (Musicians in a park) is a “one-off” in the artist’s artistic production and was exhibited at the Palais-Salon in Paris in 1906. ©Courtesy: Antonacci Lapicirella Fine Art (Rome) 2023
 – As every year, The Gallery is showcasing carefully selected works of some of the greatest European painters and sculptors of the 19th and 20th century. Antonacci Lapicirella Fine Art (Rome) has a tradition for bringing together masterpieces of museum quality and we are recognized by both private and institutional collectors.



TEFAF Talks presented by ICOM-CC powered by AON

Conversations on Conservation with KMSKA

Unique challenges in restoring a 400-year-old painting by Michaelina Wautier

Sunday, March 12

10AM – 11AM CET


As a recipient of the 2023 TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund, The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) will be restoring a key work from their collection: Two Girls as Saint Agnes and Dorothea (c. 1650) by Flemish Baroque painter Michaelina Wautier (1604–1689), who occupies an exceptional place in art history. While it was a difficult undertaking for women to become artists, for those that succeeded it was conventional to concentrate on a specific genre deemed appropriate, such as flower and food, still lifes or portraits. Wautier broke with conventions as an unmarried woman, painting—and excelling—across genres, even those usually reserved for her male counterparts, such as genre paintings and large-scale history paintings.


In this talk, the KMSKA will discuss and debate the upcoming restoration of their painting by Wautier as they prepare their approach for this almost 400-year-old artwork. While past treatments have ensured that the painting has survived until today, the selection of materials used may not always have been conducive to the longevity of the artwork or may have irrevocably altered the appearance of the image. The challenge for the modern conservator is, can these past treatments be reversed? Can we accept the condition and appearance of the painting as it is seen today? Do past treatments impact the choices the modern-day conservator makes in terms of material selection or application?

 – This talk is presented in partnership with ICOM-CC and powered by Aon.


Gwen Borms, Head of the Conservation Studio, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA)

Natalia Gustavson, Freelance Paintings Conservator, Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam

Carmen Willems, General Director, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA)


Kate Seymour, Chair, ICOM-CC



Landscape with a Cottage and a Large Tree – 1641
Etching. 12.7 x 32.1cm
Bartsch, Rovinski, Seidlitz, and White
Boon 226; Hind 178; Biörklund – Barnard 41 B; New Hollstein 198
Provenance: E. V. Utterson (Lugt 909) – Private collection, Rhineland
 – This idyllic scene dates from the early period of Rembrandt’s landscape etchings, which concluded in 1645.
 – The sheet represents a decisive turning point in the field of the Dutch landscape print regarding the challenge of linking various spatial dimensions with one another harmonious
The magnificent impression of the collection E. V. Utterson, London (Lugt: son goût et choix furent excellents), whose Rembrandt collection was auctioned at Christie’s in 1848. ©Courtesy: TEFAF Mastricht 2023



TEFAF Talks presented by Apollo

How Vincent Became Van Gogh

Exploring the role of Van Gogh’s family in his meteoric rise to fame

Sunday, March 12



One of the world’s most enduring artistic legacies, Vincent van Gogh’s global renown was in large part due to the efforts of his family. The world’s understanding of his work would be incomplete and his eponymous museum in Amsterdam would not exist without the tireless efforts of Van Gogh’s brother Theo van Gogh (1857-1891), Theo’s wife Jo Bonger-van Gogh (1862-1925), and their son Vincent Willem van Gogh (1890-1978).


This panel focuses on the impact of the artist’s family on his notoriety and explores how members of the Van Gogh family have contributed to our understanding of Van Gogh’s life and work over the years. It also asks how this contribution has influenced—and continues to influence—how Van Gogh’s work has been collected by private individuals and museums. Does more insight into Van Gogh’s life change how we perceive his paintings and change the value they are ascribed, in more ways than one? Sharing their perspectives on these questions are Lisa Smit, curator of paintings at the Van Gogh Museum, and Vincent Willem van Gogh, Theo van Gogh’s great-grandson.

 – This talk is presented in partnership with Apollo Magazine and moderated by Fatema Ahmed, deputy editor of Apollo Magazine.



V. Willem van Gogh, Advisor to the Board, Van Gogh Museum

Lisa Smit, Curator of Paintings, Van Gogh Museum



Edward Behrens, Editor, Apollo Magazine



TEFAF Maastricht
Galerie Marcilhac
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TEFAF Talks presented by AD France

The Past is Present: A Newfound Sentimentality for Design Heritage

Three experts reflect on how design history and preservation are shaping public taste

Sunday, March 12



In recent years, a surge in interest in design heritage has fuelled new developments in interior design, conservation, exhibition design, and publishing, amongst others. How are these developments shaping design history and the way the general public interacts with furniture? How does heritage preservation influence global taste?


In this talk, Oscar Duboÿ, journalist AD France, Michael Diaz-Griffith, executive director and COO of the Design Leadership Network and author of the forthcoming publication The New Antiquarians: At Home with Young Collectors (The Monacelli Press, 2023) and Lucile Montagne, heritage curator of contemporary collections, Mobilier national, and Boris Vervoordt, Axel Vervoordt Company, discuss the world of design from various perspectives.

– This talk is presented in partnership with AD France.



Michael Diaz-Griffith, Executive Director & COO, Design Leadership Network

Lucile Montagne, Heritage Curator of Contemporary Collections, Mobilier National

Boris Vervoordt, Axel Vervoordt Company



Oscar Duboÿ, journalist



TEFAF Maastricht
Galerie Didier Aaron
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Since 2008, TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation) has been dedicated to supporting young and emerging dealer talent within the international art market through its TEFAF Showcase initiative. In 2023, the Showcase section will expand to host 10 participating galleries (in previous years the number of participants has been 6), with the expansion set to stay for future iterations of the Fair.


The TEFAF Showcase 2023 participants are Ambrose Naumann Fine Art (USA); Ben Hunter (UK); Callisto Fine Arts (UK); Elliott Fine Art (UK); Frederick Mouraux Gallery (Belgium); Galerie Maxime Flatry (France); Miriam Di Penta Fine Arts (Italy); Pingel Rare Books (France); Willoughby Gerrish (UK); and Zebregs&Röell Fine Art and Antiques (Netherlands).


TEFAF Showcase will take place in the area that has previously been the Works on Paper section, in the upstairs section of the Fair. As a truly standalone section, Showcase exhibitors will benefit from more space and focus in which to present their areas of expertise.


TEFAF selects galleries for Showcase that are between 3 and 10 years old and whose breadth of expertise mirrors the scope of TEFAF Maastricht as a whole. In 2023 visitors to the fair can look forward to exploring Old Masters; 19th century European works; ethnographic art and antiques; early 20th century paintings, drawings and sculpture; Italian & European sculpture; 20th century design; rare books; 20th century British art; and contemporary art, courtesy of these dynamic dealers.



Chu Teh-Chun
Crépuscule, 1973
Signed on the lower right, signed and dated on the reverse
Sertificate from Mrs. Ching-Chao Chu
Oil on canvas – 92 x 60 cm – 36 1/4 x 23 5/8 in – Framed: 109 x 77.7 x 4.5 cm
© CHU Teh-Chun Foundation | Photo by Sandrine Lalonde for MARUANI MERCIER Gallery, Belgium



ill Korner, Head of Fairs, says:

“As a foundation, TEFAF has always viewed nurturing younger, emerging dealers as central to its mission. This year we have expanded this support and mentorship, reflected by the increased number of dealers taking part in TEFAF Showcase, an initiative which provides participants with the opportunity to exhibit at TEFAF Maastricht. Some of the world’s leading dealers across art, antiques, design, modern and contemporary began their art fair journey as part of TEFAF Showcase – we hope this will be the first of many future fairs for this year’s participants.”



TEFAF Maastricht
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TEFAF Maastricht is a touchstone for the global art world, offering a peerless breadth, quality, and calibre across categories in the Fine and decorative arts. The fair is a distillation of 7,000 years of art history, set against the backdrop of the historic city of Maastricht. The 2023 fair line-up comprises 270 dealers, 13 of whom are First-time exhibitors. Ten galleries will join the expanded TEFAF Showcase section, which since 2008 has led the way in offering a platform at major fairs to newer and younger galleries




TEFAF Maastricht
Maastricht, The Netherlands
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TEFAF  Maastricht  

  11 – 19 March 2023

MECC – Forum 100

Maastricht, The Netherlands



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