Etel Adnan
Vertige 2020
Etching 38 x 45.5 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and Cristea Roberts Gallery


 – This year marks the 10th anniversary of Frieze Masters, with the Spotlight section of the fair led by Camille Morineau and the AWARE team

 – Frieze London’s special section ‘Indra’s Net’ will be curated by Sandhini Poddar

 – Galleries from 42 countries will participate across the two fairs


Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022, takes place from October 12 to 16 in The Regent’s Park, London. Bringing together galleries from 42 countries, the two fairs will celebrate the creative spirit of the city. Led by Eva Langret, Frieze London features over 160 of the world’s leading contemporary galleries. Frieze Masters, directed by Nathan Clements-Gillespie, features over 110 galleries, showing work from ancient to modern.


Eva Langret, Director of Frieze London said:

‘This year’s fair promises to not only celebrate the cultural life of London but also showcase its global reach. Our participating gallery list reflects the city’s position as an international centre, bringing together some of the most exciting galleries, from major names to emerging spaces. Our special sections, of Focus and Indra’s Net, will promote discovery and foreground some of the most exciting creative ideas that are shaping conversations on contemporary art today.’

Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters added:

‘2022 marks an exciting year for Frieze Masters as we celebrate the fair’s tenth anniversary and our launch in Seoul. This year the fair will deliver an unmissable mix of art from across six millennia of history, featuring some of the most loved-figures as well as highlighting previously unknown talent. From Neolithic China to Nigeria in the 1960s, the opportunity for discovery is particularly evident in our special sections Spotlight, curated by Camille Morineau and AWARE, dedicated to pioneering women artists from the 20th century, and Stand Out which returns under the guidance of Luke Syson.’




Hew Locke
Hinterland 2013
Acrylic on chromogenic print 265 x 151.5 cm277.2 x 164.1 x 6.3 cm (framed)
©Courtesy of the artist and Hales Gallery



A strong line up of galleries from across the globe will participate in Frieze London 2022, offering visitors the opportunity to encounter the work of some of the most important artists working today, as well as the discovery of new names.

The 2022 edition features galleries including: Carlos/Ishikawa, Sadie Coles HQ, Experimenter, Gagosian, Galerie Max Hetzler, Taka Ishii Gallery, Karma, David Kordansky, Kukje Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, Pace Gallery, Maureen Paley, Stevenson, The Sunday Painter, Michael Werner and David Zwirner. Alongside the main section of the fair, Focus is devoted to galleries established in the last 12 years, with participants including: Addis Fine Art, Emalin, Ginsberg, Hot Wheels, Kiang Malingue, Sweetwater, Tiwani Contemporary and Gallery Vacancy.



Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Broken Into A Thousand Arms 2022(1)
©Courtesy of Galerie Quynh and the artist


The fair will once again foreground new ideas that are shaping conversations about contemporary art today. Sandhini Poddar (Adjunct Curator at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi) will curate this year’s special section, ‘Indra’s Net’, which is a term derived from Buddist and Hindu thought and refers to an ethics of being in which an individual atom holds within it the structure of reality. Poddar refers to the idea as akin to ‘a vast bejeweled net: at every nexus there is a reflective orb that mirrors and refracts every other orb in its entirety. Every part is held within the whole in a system of dependent origination. All sentient life is interconnected and interdependent; shifts to one atom subtly alter the rest.’


‘Indra’s Net’  features 10 dedicated presentations, as well as a number of cabinet-style displays scattered throughout the main section of the fair, and will feature artists including: Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio & Clarissa Tossin (Commonwealth and Council); Claudia Andujar (Vermelho); Martha Atienza (Silverlens); Dorothy Cross (Kerlin Gallery); Shirazeh Houshiary (Lisson Gallery); Tuan Andrew Nguyen (Galerie Quynh); Chandraguptha Thenuwara (Saskia Fernando Gallery); and Ayman Zedani (ATHR).




Frans David Oerder
Portrait of a Zulu1897
Oil on canvas53 x 42.9 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and Elliott Fine Art


Across the park, Frieze Masters brings together six millennia of art – from rare antiquities to Old Master paintings, to luminaries of the 20th century – creating a destination where visitors can discover art history anew. The fair features major galleries including Johnny Van Haeften, Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert, Gallery Hyundai, Luxembourg + Co., Kamel Mennour, Helly Nahmad, Shibunkaku, Skarstedt and Van de Weghe, alongside specialists in their field, such as ArtAncient, Gisèle Croës – Arts d’Extrême Orient s.a, Peter Finer, Sam Fogg and Dr. Jörn Günther Rare Books.


The much-celebrated Spotlight section of Frieze Masters is this year curated by Camille Morineau (co-founder and Research Director of AWARE – Archives of Women Artists, Research, and Exhibitions) and the AWARE team and be dedicated to women artists. Featuring 26 artists, all born between 1900 and 1951, Spotlight features major modern figures, alongside the work of lesser-known names, shining a new light on half a century of art history. Artists featured in this year’s Spotlight include: Sonia Balassanian, Wook-kyung Choi, Nike Davies Okundaye, Leonor Fini, Orlan and Sylvia Snowden.


Returning from 2021, Frieze Masters also features the section Stand Out, curated by Luke Syson (Director of Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), which this year focuses on the idea of Global Exchange and bring together art objects from across the ages that are great works of design, of sculptural and conceptual brilliance. Stand Out looks beyond hierarchical distinctions between works of art in different media, and in doing so reconsiders art objects often termed ‘decorative’ or ‘functional.’ Participating galleries include Prahlad Bubbar, Gisèle Croës – Arts d’Extrême Orient s.a., Peter Finer, Sam Fogg, Oscar Graf, Oscar Humphries, Lullo • Pampoulides, Amir Mohtashemi and Raccanello & Leprince.



Daiga Grantina
Cloud Woman, 2022
Foamm acrylic medium, ink, fabric, mirror panel155 x 195 x 275 cm
© Daiga Grantina
©Courtesy of the artist and Emalin, LondonPhotograph: Toan Vu-Huu



Taking place from 12-16 October in London’s The Regent’s Park, Frieze London and Frieze Masters are supported by global lead partner Deutsche Bank, continuing a shared commitment to artistic excellence.

Eva Langret, Director of Frieze London said,

So many of our participating galleries are planning ambitious solo presentations and curated shows that really promise to stimulate, delight and challenge – and I am so excited to see such a diversity of talent all under one roof. Frieze Week also promises to be a major draw, with truly unmissable exhibitions across the city in both galleries and museums. This year’s fairs really reflect our commitment to celebrating the creative life of London.’

Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Director of Frieze Masters added,

‘Following the stellar launch of Frieze Masters in Seoul, we can’t wait to be back in London to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Once again, we will see Frieze Masters’ signature formula of showcasing the very best art throughout the ages. In addition, I am so looking forward to the discoveries that the fair provides each year – particularly in our Spotlight section, curated in 2022 by Camille Morineau and the AWARE team. Beyond the fair, Frieze Masters’ presence will be felt throughout the city – with our talks programme taking place in galleries and museums throughout London for everyone to enjoy.’



Reza Aramesh
Study of the Head as Cultural Artefacts.
Action 2017
Hand carved polished staturio and Carrara marble 24 x 33 x 35 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and Dastan Gallery


Frieze London 

World-leading Galleries

Frieze London is presenting the world’s leading galleries, showcasing ambitious solo, group and themed shows that offer an opportunity to discover up-and-coming talent and engage with work by some of today’s most celebrated names. Highlights include:


 – James Cohan presentS a solo exhibition of Elias Sime’s ‘Tightrope’ series, which weaves repurposed materials – computer keyboards, motherboards, and electrical wires – into abstract compositions

 – Sadie Coles HQ showS a solo presentation of Ugo Rondinone’s ‘Mattituck’ series of paintings that was first first initiated in 2020:

 – Pilar Corrias stageS a solo show of work by Hayv Kahraman that continues her exploration of embodied experiences of ‘Otherness’, particularly in relation to the female body:

 – Thomas Dane Gallery has invited Anthea Hamilton to curate the gallery’s booth which will include recent works by Hamilton, alongside major pieces by artists including Hurvin Anderson, Lynda Benglis, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Barbara Kasten, Phillip King, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Jean-Luc Moulène, Dana Schutz, Amy Sillman and Caragh Thuring. The booth will incorporate Hamilton’s signature approach of considering all aspects of a presentation, including a treatment of the walls and floor:

 – Stephen Friedman Gallery presents the first solo survey of Jeffrey Gibson in the UK, whose mixed-media paintings and sculptures combine indigenous artisanal handcraft with narratives of contemporary resistance, drawing on protest slogans and song lyrics.

 – Gagosian presents a solo presentation of abstract paintings by the much-celebrated Jadé Fadojutimi.

 – François Ghebaly shows a solo presentation by Romanian artist Marius Bercea that combines small and large scale oil paintings in an evolution of his recent explorations of portraiture.

 – Ryan Lee Gallery presents the first UK exhibition of the work of Emma Amos whose figurative paintings often use her own likeness to engage with racial and feminist politics.

 – Lehmann Maupin returns to Frieze London with a three-artist presentation bringing together work by Cecilia Vicuña, Teresita Fernández and Calida Rawles that ask us to consider connections – between individuals and cultures, landscape and lived experience, material and concept, and mind and body.

 – Lisson Gallery stages a major solo, participatory presentation by Laure Prouvost.

 – Project Native Informant and Arcadia Missa collaborates on a joint presentation that explores the affinities between their programmes. Including work by Hannah Black and Juliana Huxtable, Phoebe Collings-James, Melike Kara, Joseph Yaegher, Dozie Kanu and Jan Vorisek.

 – Vadehra Art Gallery presents a solo show of work by Atul Dodiya, describing a heterogenous, complex world of political and cultural history



Sidsel Meineche Hansen
Inner Child 2021
Letters cast in tin 55 x 44 x 0.3 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and Christian Anderson


Alongside the main section of the fair, Focus is devoted to galleries established in the last 12 years and provides a platform for today’s most exciting emerging artists. This year’s must-see presentations include:

 – Addis Fine Art presents Selome Muleta, one of the most celebrated female artists to recently emerge from the Ethiopian visual arts scene; her colour-laden interior scenes frequently depict women in states of inner reflection.

 – Emalin shows Sphericity, a new sculptural installation by Latvian artist Daiga Grantina; her largest wall-based work to date.

 – Soft Opening shows From Landing to Arrival, a new project by London-based artist Rhea Dillon that re-considers the concepts of arrival and landing for the Caribbean diaspora.

 – Matthew Brown shows new work by Los Angeles and Accra-based artist Kenturah Davis.

 – Galerie Noah Klink shows a new large-scale installation by Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann.

 – Union Pacific shows a series of Agnieszka Polska’s videos and prints that depict motifs related to technological phenomena, human and non-human imageries, and micro and macro universes.

 – Wschód presents new paintings by Polish-born, Austrian-based artist Joanna Woś:


Maren Karlson
Guardian Angel 2021
Oil on canvas40 x 110 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and In Lieu



This year’s curated section of the fair, Indra’s Net, overseen by Sandhini Poddar (Adjunct Curator at Guggenheim Abu Dhabi) features a selection of international artists whose work engages with the idea of Indra’s Net, a term derived from Buddhist and Hindu thought that refers to an ethics of being in which an individual atom holds within it the structure of reality.



Oscar Santillán Antimundo 00G – 2022 Oil paint on canvas 120 x 80 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and Copperfield, London – Detail



Indra’s Net features 10 dedicated presentations, as well as a number of displays scattered throughout the main section of the fair, and will feature artists including: Muhanned Cader (Jhaveri Contemporary); Dorothy Cross (Kerlin Gallery & Frith Street Gallery); Shirazeh Houshiary (Lisson Gallery); Jamilah Sabur & Oscar Santillán (Copperfield); Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio & Clarissa Tossin (Commonwealth and Council); Martha Atienza (Silverlens); Teresita Fernández (Lehmann Maupin); Claudia Andujar (Vermelho); Tomás Díaz Cedeño (Peana); Tuan Andrew Nguyen (Galerie Quynh); Chandraguptha Thenuwara (Saskia Fernando Gallery); Prabhakar Pachpute (Experimenter); Claudia Martínez Garay (Grimm); Goshka Macuga (Kate MacGarry); and Richard Mosse (Jack Shainman Gallery)




Still Life of Flowers in a Vase with a Caterpillar and a Butterfly 1573-1621
Oil on copper 22.5 x 16.5 cm
©Courtesy of Solomon Lilian


Frieze Masters

10th Anniversary

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Frieze Masters, the fair will bring together a snapshot of art history – from rare antiquities and Old Master paintings, to luminaries of the 20th century. Frieze Masters highlight stands include:


 – De Jonckheere shows a presentation of works by Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Lucas Cranachthe Elder, works of the late 16th century German School and Balthasar van der Ast.

 – Gisèle Croës stages an exhibition focusing on a collection of Tang dynasty precious gold and silver cups, bowls and utensils historically used for banquets and feasts.

 – Helly Nahmad, London presents Joan Miró – After The War; a selection of paintings, works on paper and painted textiles executed between 1946 and 1973, emphasising Miró’s unique and everevolving approach to material and form.

 – ACA Galleries presents an exhibition of pre-eminent African American artists of the 20th century including Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawerence, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson and Charles White.

 – Luxembourg + Co. presents a solo show of the American artist Sue Fuller.

 – A collaboration between Gallery Mapa and Paul Hughes Fine Arts brings together 4,000 years of South American abstraction with the works of the living artist Jandyra Waters, who celebrates her 102nd birthday this year.

 – Gallery Hyundai will show work by Lee Kang-So based on the rhythm of his state of mind, recalling the history of Korean ink painting that was practised with long-haired brushes on paper.

 – Galerie Mitterrand presents a focused selection of historical works by Nikki de Saint Phalle, ranging from the 1960s to the late 1990s.

 – Galleria Tommaso Calabro presents the exhibition ‘Casa Iolas. Citofonare Vezzoli’, curated by Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli, which will pay homage to the legendary Greek art gallerist Alexander Iolas (1907-1987) and include work by Victor Brauner, William Copley, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst and Leonor Fini.

 – Richard Nagy creates a Gesamtkunstwerk with works and furniture of the Viennese Secession movement including works by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

 – Wildenstein & Co., showing in the fair for the first time, focuses on 17th and 18th-century French paintings and drawings by such artists as François Boucher, Philippe de Champaigne, Jean Honoré Fragonard, Jean Baptiste Pater and Hubert Robert.

 – Another first-time exhibitor Martin Beisly Fine Art will show Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian paintings made between 1830-1910, including works by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ford Madox Brown, and Edward John Poynter.




Head of a Man
South Arabian
3rd century BC to 1st century AD
Alabaster 13 cm high
©Courtesy of the artist and Ariadne



Returning to the fair for the second year, the Standout section of the fair this year explores the idea of ‘Global Exchange’. Once again, the section is curated by Luke Syson (Director and Marlay Curator of the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge) who describes the makers of art objects as ‘open-minded, even largehearted, to a degree that is unusual in the arts’, explaining that ‘they embrace ideas, materials, designs and techniques that might have originated very far from home. In a world that today feels both more joined up and more culturally fraught than ever before, the histories of these works trace a complex and fascinating history.’ Highlights of Standout include:


 – Oscar Humphries focuses on Isamu Noguchi’s relationship with Japan, featuring works he created while visiting as well as collaborations with Japanese contemporaries. Central to the presentation will be Night Rain II, a monumental sculpture by Masatoshi Izumi, as well ceramics by Noguchi, Kitaōji Rosanjin, the ceramicist with whom he lived worked in the 1950s, alongside ancient pieces from the Haniwa tradition.

 – Prahlad Bubbar shows a selection of ‘The Cosmic Dance’ pieces, ranging from mother goddess figures of the Mauryan period (300 BC) in Northern India to a 16th-century royal canopy from Golconda in the Deccan region, amongst others.

 – Peter Finer brings culturally diverse examples of steel weaponry dating from antiquity through to Japan’s Edo period.

 – Raccanello & Leprince shows a selection of Renaissance-era Maiolica, featuring pieces by makers including Nicola da Urbino and Francesco Xanto Avelli and their followers, as well as productions of the Fontana workshop.

 – Amir Mohtashemi showcases works including a pair of 19th-century Indian watercolor paintings of ducks, which would have appeared within an album of ‘Company School’ paintings by local artists commissioned by Europeans to record the likenesses of flora and fauna Spotlight.




Mary Corse
Cold Room 1968-2017
©Courtesy of PACE


The much-celebrated Spotlight section of the fair is this year curated by Camille Morineau and the AWARE team. Featuring 26 solo presentations by female artists of the 20th century, the section will draw attention to previously overlooked names and allow a reconsideration of recent history. Highlights include:


 – Ab-Anbar  present a solo show of works by Iranian artist Sonia Balassanian.

 – DAG showcases paintings by self-taught Indian artist Madhvi Parekh.

 – Dirimart presents pioneering modernist Fahrelnissa Zeid, bringing together works that link the artist’s figurative and abstract periods.

 – The Gallery of Everything presents works by Sister Gertrude Morgan, whose work was featured in this year’s Venice Biennale.

 – shows rarely-seen work by leading Nigerian artist Nike Davies-Okundaye, featuring embroidery, batik, weaving, patchwork, painting, and mixed media dating from the 1960s to the 1980s.

 – Loeve&Co focuses on Surrealist artist Leonor Fini, bringing together an extended selection of drawings, works on canvas and sculpture, set against the artist’s iconic 1946 Lendemain de fête wallpaper

 – Pace Gallery debuts Mary Corse’s The Cold Room (1968/2022), showing this iconic work for the first time in Europe. Bringing Corse’s celebrated Light & Space practice into three dimensions,The Cold Room is a full body, multisensorial experience.


Fahrel Nissazeid
Loch Lomond 1948
©Courtesy of Dirimart



Dr Nicholas Cullinan (Director, National Portrait Gallery) returns to curate Frieze Masters Talks exploring the connections between historical art and contemporary practice.

The talks takeS place online as well as in person at a series of London galleries and institutions, speakers include Anthea Hamilton at Studio Voltaire, Kamala Ibrahim Ishag at The Royal College of Art, Tyler Mitchell at The Arts Club and Andra Ursuța at David Zwirner London.



William Tillyer
Ten Vases and Arrangements 1979
Acrylic on wire and card 132 x 13 cm
©Courtesy of the artist and Bernard Jacobson Gallery




Continuing the collaboration launched earlier thisyear, Frieze Viewing Room will once again work with Vortic, the art world’s leading virtual reality platform, employing cutting-edge immersive technology to create VR spaces.These spaces will beintegrated within the Frieze Viewing Room platform and viewable on Oculus VR headsets.



Frieze London and Frieze Masters will once again host pop-ups from the city’s best restaurants, cafés and bars. New to Frieze London is Marleybone’s Jikoni, a vegetarian restaurant that celebrates ‘no borders’ cooking, alongside Frieze favourites Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden, Australia’s oldest family owned winery Yalumba Bar, acclaimed Soho restaurant Rita’sand Company Drinks. At Frieze Masters, London-based seafood restaurant Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill makes its debut, alongside celebrated British brasserie Ham Yard Restaurantand Michelin-starred chef Skye Gyngell’s Heckfield Place x Spring. Gail’s Bakery returns to both fairs.




12-16 October 2022

The Regent’s Park

London, UK




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