Paris Gallery Weekend 2021




  3 – 6  June 2021


Gallery Xippas
Thomas LIU LE LANN, 17, Xippas Paris, 2021,
©Photo Frédéric Lanternier. ©Courtesy of the artiste & Gallery Xippas.



meet and talk with artists and key art players

With 127 participating galleries, the 2021 edition of Paris Gallery Weekend is an invitation to discover the astonishing vitality and diversity of the Parisian art scene. On the program are 38 openings and 138 exhibitions, including 95 solo shows and 43 group exhibitions, which are all free to visit and bear testament to the postconfinement resurgence of the gallery sector.


Sophie Kuijken D.Z., 2021,
©Courtesy de l’artiste et Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Bruxelles



The extensive offer ranges from recently established galleries to those run by women or that spotlight women artists to those that support the emerging African and Arab art scenes.



Imane Farès
Ali CHERRI, Return Of the Beast, 2021
© Tadzio, Courtesy of the artist & Imane Farès



Also on display are exhibitions of leading artists in the modern and contemporary art markets, a plethora of young talents and a wealth of photography.



Martine Aboucaya
« les tiroirs du temps de Jacques Roubaud »,
©Courtesy Galerie Martine Aboucaya



Art lovers and collectors can follow seven itineraries in the various art districts in order to discover:



Galerie Templon
Gérard Garouste
H’avrouta (la martre et Pinocchio), 2019
(Gérard Garouste – Marc-Alain Ouaknin)
March 25 – July 3, 2021
Paris – Grenier Saint Lazare
©Bertrand Huet Tutti.



12 galleries newly installed in Paris since 2019, often international and among the best references in the art market: 313 Art Project, AndréhnSchiptjenko, Galleria Continua, Double V Gallery & Galerie Claire Gastaud, Galerie Kaleidoscope, Ketabi Projects, Lévy Gorvy, Mayoral, Galerie Orbis Pictus, Galerie Wagner, White Cube and David Zwirner.



David Zwirner
Francis ALŸS,
Untitled (Study for ‘Don’t Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River’), 2007-2008,
© Francis Alÿs, ©Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner



54 galleries founded by women since the Jeanne Bucher gallery in 1925 and 38 solo shows by women artists.



Galerie Catherine Putman
… Cause you’re playing with fire – Eloïse Van der Heyden
Works on paper.
©Courtesy Galerie Catherine Putman



Exhibitions of major living artists: Kiki Smith and Robert Rauschenberg (Lelong & Co.), Wolfgang Tillmans (Chantal Crousel), Alain Jacquet (Perrotin), Sean Scully and Yan PeiMing (Ropac), Julie Mehretu (White Cube), Francis Alÿs (David Zwirner)



Galerie Thaddeus Ropac
Yan PEI-MING, Vue Autoportraits
©Charles Duprat. Courtesy Thaddaeus Ropac London Paris Salzburg Seoul



About 15 exhibitions dedicated to the masters of modern and contemporary art: Louise Bourgeois (KarstenGreve), Sonia Delaunay (Zlotowski), Jean Dubuffet (Beaudoin Lebon), Jean Fautrier (ApplicatPrazan), Frantisek Kupka (Le Minotaure), Alexandre Hollan (Guillaume), Alfred Manessier (Laurentin), Pierre Soulages (Opera Gallery), Zao WouKi (Mayoral) or through group exhibitions devoted to Abstract Painters of the 50s (Arcturus), Postwar artists (Helene Bailly), the Nouveaux Realistes (Pascal Landsberg) or the CutOutsof Jean Arp, John Baldessari, Bernard Heidsieck, Bodys Isek Kingelez, Gordon MattaClark (Nathalie Seroussi).



KUPKA – Frantisek Kupka
Around a point – 1925
©courtesy Galerie Le Minotaure



More than 30 exhibitions dedicated to young French and international artists discovered and promoted by galleries such as Air de Paris (Gaëlle Choisne Prix Aware 2021 ); Alb (Matthieu Martin, 1986 Fabio Deronzier, 1996); AnneSarah Bénichou (Massinissa Selmani, 1980), Backslash (Rero, 1983); Ceysson & Bénétière (Cally Spooner 1983), Crèvecœur (Sol Calero, 1982); gb agency (Paul Heintz, Prix Révélation Emerige 2019); Jousse Entreprise (Nathanaëlle Herbelin, 1989); Ketabi Projects (Idir Davaine, 1989); Marcelle Alix (Ernesto Sartori, 1982); Marie Vitoux (Clarisse Griffon du Bellay, 1981 ); Eric Mouchet (Pierre Gaignard 1986 Roy Köhnke 1988); PACT (Dorian Gaudin, 1986 Margaux Valengin, 1992); Papillon (David Raffini, 1982); Pi Art House (Pijama Galerie) (Vaultman, 1981); Catherine Putman (Eloïse Van der Heyden,1983); Michel Rein (Edgar Sarin, 1989); CHLOE SALGADO (Lulù Nuti, 1988); Semiose (Anthony Cudahy,1989); Sultana (Matthias Garcia, 1994); Jocelyn Wolff (Marcelle Cahn, 1974) without forgetting the choices of the collector Philippe Tavaud (H Gallery) and the exhibition of end of 3rd confinement De l’Air (313 Art Project) gathering in particular with Xavier Veilhan, Giovanni Ozzola (1982), Je Yeoran (1960), Gigisue (1993),Jia Lee (1993), Jungpyo Hong (1976).



Galerie Marie Vitoux
Horses of Time – Lake Lagoda
Clarisse Griffon du Bellay
©Courtesy of the Gallery.



More than a dozen exhibitions devoted to the emerging African and Arab scenes: Group show Traversée africaine (Anne de Villepoix), Kongo Arts anciens d’Afrique Centrale (Bernard Dulon), Safâa Erruas (Dominique Fiat), Ali Cherri (Imane Farès), Adjaratou Ouedraogo (Françoise Livinec), Fabrice Monteiro (MAGNINA), Myriam Mihindou (Maïa Muller), Lyndi Sales (Maria Lund), Nú Barreto (Nathalie Obadia), Marius Dansou and Julien Vignikin (Vallois).



Galerie Vallois
Julien Vignikin, “Why not Sneeze?
©Courtesy Galerie Vallois



More than 15 photography exhibitions: Martín Soto Climent (AndréhnSchiptjenko), Niccolò Montesi (BendanaPinel), Laroche & Rabichon, Mustapha Azeroual (Binome), Aurélie Pétrel (Ceysson & Bénétière), Flore (Clémentine de la Féronnière), Olivia Lavergne (Insula), Robert Huot (MAGNINA), Agnès b. (Arnaud Lefebvre), Philippe Chancel, Gary Green (Miranda), Nicolas Comment, Steve McCurry (Polka), Letizia Le Fur (Laure Roynette), Romain Kronenberg (Sator), Aurore Bagarry (Sit Down), Thomas Paquet (Thierry Bigaignon).



Bendana-Pinel Art Contemporain
Niccolò MONTESI, MEDIOLANUM URBE 13, Édition 3 + 2
©Courtesy of the Gallery.




1831 Art Gallery – 22,48 m – 2313 Art Project – A2Z Art Gallery – MARTINE ABOUCAYA – Air de Paris – GALERIE ALBAlexis  – Lartigue Fine Art – Galerie Almine Rech – AndréhnSchiptjenko – Galerie Anne de Villepoix – Galerie AnneSarah Bénichou – ApplicatPrazan – Galerie ARCTURUS – GALERIE ARNOUX – Backslash – HELENE BAILLY GALLERY – anne barrault – baudoin lebon – BendanaPinel Art Contemporain – Galerie Berthet Aittouares –  GALERIE BINOME – Segolene Brossette Galerie – Galerie JeanFrançois Cazeau – Ceysson & Bénétière – Clémentine de la Féronnière – GALLERIA CONTINUA – Crèvecœur – Galerie Chantal Crousel – Galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise – GALERIE PATRICIA DORFMANN – Double V Gallery & Galerie Claire Gastaud – Galerie Bernard Dulon – Galerie Dutko – galeriefrank elbaz – Espace des femmes – Galerie Dominique Fiat – Galerie Les filles du calvaire – Galerie Jean Fournier – Galerie 8+4 – Galerie Chauvy – Galerie Christophe Gaillard – Galerie Guillaume – Galerie La Forest Divonne – Galerie Maria Wettergren – gb agency – Gilles Drouault, galerie/multiples – Galerie Laurent Godin – GALERIE ISABELLE GOUNOD – Galerie Karsten Greve – H Gallery – Galerie Hervé Courtaigne – HIGH ART – Imane Farès – In Situ fabienne leclerc – Galerie INSULAJEANNE BUCHER JAEGER 



Maria Wettergren
Boris BERLIN & Daniel BERLIN, City Light. 2021.
©The artists & Galerie Maria Wettergren



Galerie Bernard Jordan – Galerie Jousse Entreprise – Galerie Kaleidoscope – Ketabi Projects – Galerie Lahumière – GALERIE PASCAL LANSBERG – LarockGranoff – Galerie Laurentin – Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre – Galerie Lelong & Co. – Levy Gorvy – Galerie Françoise Livinec – MAGNINA – Galerie Maïa Muller – Marcelle Alix – GALERIE MARIA LUND – Galerie Marie Vitoux – Mayoral – GALERIE MAZARINE VARIATIONS – mfcmichèle didier – Mingei Japanese Arts – Galerie MiniMasterpiece – GALERIE LE MINOTAURE – GALERIE MIRANDA – GALERIE ORBIS PICTUS – Galerie Mitterrand – Montassut – mor charpentier – Galerie Eric Mouchet – Galerie Natalie Seroussi – NeC nilsson et chiglien – Galerie Nathalie Obadia – OPERA GALLERY – PACT – Alberta Pane – Galerie Papillon – Perrotin – Pi Art House (Pijama Galerie) – Placido – Galerie Poggi – POLKA GALERIE – Galerie Catherine Putman – Galerie PrazDelavallade – Rabouan Moussion – Michel Rein – Ricardo Fernandes – Laure Roynette – Galerie RX, Paris New York – GALERIE CHLOE SALGADO – galerie Sator – Semiose – galerie SIT DOWN – Véronique Smagghe – Sultana – Galerie Taménaga – Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve – TEMPLON – Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac – Galerie Thierry Bigaignon – Tornabuoni Art – UNIVERS DU BRONZE – Galerie Vallois – Bernard Vidal Nathalie Bertoux art contemporain – GALERIE LARA VINCY – Galerie Wagner – LIUSA WANG – White Cube – Galerie Jocelyn Wolff – Galerie Zlotowski – David Zwirner – Xippas



Galerie Les filles du calvaire
Noémie Goudal, Southern Light Station VI, 2016.
©Courtesy of the Gallery.




Paris Gallery Weekend 2021

3 – 6  June

 Paris, France.




*Paris Gallery Weekend has established itself as an unmissable event for contemporary art in Paris and ‘’Grand Paris’’ since 2014. This 8th edition will take place within a framework and a program adapted to the current context, in the strictest respect of the sanitary conditions that will be in force.

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