The Salon du Dessin Paris is Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!


Salon- Du-Dessin – 2019
Palais Brongniart – Paris
©Courtesy: Salon- Du-Dessin


The Salon du dessin is always a key event for the art market, but this 2021 edition is particularlyimportant. After the last-minute cancellation of the March 2020 edition and various postponements in 2021, the maintenance of the Salon du dessin – at a more favorable period in terms of the health restrictions – is an accomplishment in itself and a superb opportunity for all those involved. Theorganizers are of course glad that collectors, art enthusiasts and dealers will at last be able to meet at a drawing fair.



Léonard-Tsuguharu Foujita (1886 – 1969)
Young Woman, 1956
Pencil on paper – 27 x 20 cm (10.6 x 7.9 in)
Signed and dated lower centre
25-7-56 © Galerie Tamenaga


The Salon du dessin will therefore be celebrating its 30th anniversary from 1 to 4 July in the gilded atmosphere of the Palais Brongniart, its location for the last eighteen years. Thirty-three galleries will be present with an additional 9 in the Salon du dessin ONLINE (versus 39 normally).



Théodore Rousseau – (1812 – 1867)
Walker in a landscape
Pen and brown ink (115 x 157 mm)
Marked L.2436 in red (lower left)
c. 1850-1860 © Didier Aaron


The live fair will be completed by an ONLINE version allowing galleries that have been unable to travel a chance to participate. Each gallery can exhibit up to 15 pre-vetted works on the platform that will randomly present some 500 drawings, offering visitors the pleasure of discovery, as if they were strolling through the fair in person.



Simon Vouet (1590 – 1649)
Profile portrait of a man looking to his left
Black stone & pastel – 27.5 x 21 cm
Provenance: Artist’s studio Camille de Tournon, Peer of France (1778-1833)
then by descendance to the current owners
© Galerie de Bayser


Internet users will be able to contact dealers directly and they will also be able to make appointments with a member of the fair’steam for a video-conference, a completely innovative way of participating in a viewing room.



Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985)
Le cheval ailé, circa 1939 – 1943
Signed lower right: Chagall.
Dated lower left
Gouache on paper – 29 x 44.5 cm
© Helene Bailly Gallery


Founded in 1991, The Salon du dessin is an internationally recognised French success story. The curators of some of the world’s biggest museums are regular clients at the fair and would not miss it for anything in the world. In Paris, the Salon du dessin has been the focal point of the popularisation of the drawing medium for many years by organising access to major institutions. These initiatives have substantially added to the overall population of collectors.



François Boucher (1703 – 1770)
Study of a Male Nude Holding a Hammer Above his Head
Red chalk and white highlighting, with framinglines in brown ink on buffpaper.
31 x 18,9 cm
© Stephen Ongpin Fine Art


This year, the fair’s museum exhibition will be organized by the Museums of Marseille on the theme “Aspects of Nature” (Naturein all its states). In another initiative, the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation will exhibit the work by the three nominees for its 14th Contemporary Drawing Prize, which was awarded to Françoise Petrovitch in March 2021. It is very likely that the Guerlain Foundation will ask the three artists shortlisted in 2020 to present their works at the fair as well, since they were unable to show last year.



Françoise Pétrovitch
French artist, born in 1964.
Saint Sébastien (Zurbarán), 2019,
Iink washon paper – 80 x 120 cm,
Courtesy Semiose, Paris. © A.Mole


Drawing Week: an off-site programme of events organised by the Salon du dessin over the past 21 years in partnership with museums and institutions, offers private visits to graphic arts exhibitions, in compliance with the health restrictions in force at the time.



Théophile Alexandre
Steinlen (1859 – 1923)
Vernissage (c.1894).
Black chalk, scratching on vellum paper, 255 x 345 mm.
Signed on the lower centre “Steinlen”.
Madame Claude Orset has suggested the drawing might depict the vernissage for the first major retrospective of Steinlen “Exposition de L’Œuvre Dessiné et Peint de T. A. Steinlen”, at La Bodiniére, 18 Rue S Lazare, 10 April – 15 May 1894. ©Onno van Seggelen Fine Arts


Celebrating its thirtieth anniversary in 2021, the Salon du dessin has restored the drawing medium to its rightful status on the global art market. Today, the medium has a large and influential population of buyers and collectors and attracts contemporary artists more than ever before! The Salon has also allowed a whole new generation of galleries and dealers with extremely diverse interests – but all sharing an exceptional awareness of art history – to fully express their highly individual and specific interests.



Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985)
« Personnage » 1958
Mixed technique on paper – 32.5 x 25 cm
Signed, dated et dedicated “Au bon petit Pierre Sorlier” lower right
© Galerie de la Présidence


The Salon du Design longstanding exhibitors: Aaron, de Bayser, Brame & Lorenceau, La Présidence,Talabardon & Gautier, Terrades, a number of new participants are also be present: Ary Jan, Boulakia, Jeanne Bucher Jaeger, Loeve & Co, Mayoral, Orbis Pictus, Benjamin Peronnet,Taménaga, and Waddington Custot.



Hermann-Paul (1864 – 1940)
Les Besoins naturels – Respirer – 1904
Ink and charcoal on paper, – 39.5 x 52 cm
Published: L’Assiette au Beurre No. 147, 23
January 1904, « Les Besoins naturels», p. 2-3 (2458-2459).


Applicat-Prazan, is back with enthusiasm after several years of absence due to its participation in Art Basel Hong Kong (similar dates).



Pierre Soulages (born 1919)
Gouache on paper
Signed lower right – 65 x 50 cm
Provenance: Galerie Berggruen, Paris Private collection, Germany Beck & Eggeling, Düsseldorf
© Applicat-Prazan, Paris / Adagp, Paris 2021


The Swiss galleries Grand-Rue, Reginart Collection, the Belgian gallery Lancz, the Spanish galleries Artur Ramon Art and José de la Mano; and the American gallery Rosenberg & Cowere determined to make the make the journey and participate in the fair.



Jakob Philipp Hackert – (1737 – 1807)
Italian landscape
Gouache on laid paper – 40.1 x 53.7 cm
© Galerie Grand-Rue


A number of foreign galleries unable to make the trip will participate in the Salon du dessin ONLINE where, like the other exhibitors, they will be able to show 15 works on paper. Among these galleries:  Ditesheim & Maffei(Neuchâtel), Jill Newhouse(New York), Grässle/Härb(Munich), Martin Moeller & Cie(Hambourg) and Stephen Ongpin(Londres).



Erik Desmazières (Born in 1948)
Destroyed library 2016
Watercolour and gouache prepared paper – 45 x 65 cm
© Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art


The opening, by invitation only and with a reservation required, takes place simultaneously at the Palais Brongniart and online onWednesday, 30 June.



Alexandre Calder (1898 – 1976)
Abstract Composition
Gouache on paper 1946
Signed et dated lower left – 43 x 51 cm
Certificat: Fondation Calder N°A252278
Signed: Aux belles Hamon avec joie et amour
© Galerie AB




Didier AARON / Paris

Sam Szafran (1934 – 2019)
Philodendrons 1987
Watercolour on paper – 139.5 x 74 cm
© Waddington Custot

Galerie AB / Paris



Galerie ARY JAN / Paris

Helene BAILLY Gallery / Paris

de BAYSER / Paris

Galerie BERÈS / Paris

Galerie BOULAKIA / Paris



Galerie Éric COATALEM / Paris

Galerie Michel DESCOURS / Lyon, Paris

Galerie DITESHEIM & MAFFEI Fine Art SA / Neuchâtel

Galerie Jacques ELBAZ / Paris

Galerie GRAND-RUE Marie Laure Rondeau / Geneva


Chantal KIENER / Paris

LANCZ Gallery / Brussels

Galerie Antoine LAURENTIN / Paris

LOEVE & Co / Paris

DE LA MANO / Madrid

Galerie Maurizio NOBILE / Bologne, Paris

Pierre Alechinsky
Longiligne, 2003
India ink on paper mounted on canvas with acrylic border 225 x 100 cm
© Galerie Boulakia

Galerie MAYORAL / Barcelone / Paris

Martin MOELLER & Cie / Hamburg


Galerie Jill NEWHOUSE / New York


Stephen ONGPIN Fine Art / London

Benjamin PERONNET / Paris

Galerie de la PRÉSIDENCE / Paris

Paul PROUTÉ / ParisArtur RAMON Art / Barcelona

REGINART Collections / Geneva

ROSENBERG & Co / New York

Onno VAN SEGGELEN Fine Arts / Rotterdam


Galerie TAMENAGA / Paris, Tokyo, Osaka

Galerie TARANTINO / Paris

Galerie TERRADES / Paris


Galerie ZLOTOWSKI / Paris




Mark Tobey
Circular 1966-1967
Gouache on paper mounted on cardboard – 29 x 42 cm
Signed and dated lower right, titled and dated on the
back “Circular” 1967
© Galerie Berès


The  Salon  du  Dessin  Paris



1991: First Salon du dessin at the George V Hotel in Paris, with 17 exhibitors.

1995: Creation of the Salon du dessin in its current format at the initiative of nineart dealers: Didier Aaron, Jean- François Baroni, Louis de Bayser, Marie-ChristineBucaile (+), Bertrand Gautier, François Lorenceau, Chantal Kiener, Sylvie TocciProuté, Gabriel Terrades.

2000: The Salon du dessin founds Drawing week, with the participation of most Paris museums, turning the city into the capital of drawing.

2004: The Salon du dessin moves to the Palais Brongniart on Place de la Bourse in Paris and has 29 participants.

2006:  First colloquium at the Salon du dessin, entitled “Rencontres Internationales du Salon du dessin”. The Salon du dessin introduces contemporary drawings for the first time, showing works by students from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

2007: The Salon du dessin introduces a new tradition of hosting an institution or acollector at the art fair. The Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the first guest exhibitor, showsseven panels by Charles de Wailly.

2009: Daniel and Florence Guerlain present their collection. The Salon du dessin has three contemporary art galleries among its 36 exhibitors.

2010: Presentation of the first Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Prize, which will become an annual event.

2011: The Salon du dessin celebrates its 20thanniversary.

2014: Louis de Bayser is appointed President of the Salon du dessin, replacing Hervé Aaron, who remains a member of the organizing committee.

2019: Connaissance des Arts, a subsidiary of the Groupe Les Échos-LeParisien and LVMH, associated with the eight founding partners of the Agence d’ Évènements Culturels, which manages the Salon du dessin and FINE ARTS PARIS and will retain control of the organization and gallery-selection committeesfor both fairs.

2020: the Salon du dessin is cancelled due to pandemic related restrictions on 15 march.



Joseph Werner (1637 – 1710)
Adam nommant les animaux dans le jardin d’Eden
Gouache on Vellum paper – 10.5 x 8.3 cm
© Talabardon & Gautier



The   Salon   du   Dessin   Paris  2021

1 to 4 July

Palais Brongniar –  Paris, France


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