French hospital workers, victims of Covid-19, are to benefit from the proceeds of the auction of the famous Presidents’ barrel




The 160th Hospices de Beaune wine sale will go ahead on Sunday, December 13, 2020. This auction will be orchestrated by Christie’s in the Halles de Beaune at 2:00p.m. CET sharp in a reasonable and reasoned format , mainly reserved for professional buyers present in situ, while private buyers from France and around the world will also be able to participate in the auction by phone or online.





In order to guarantee everyone’s health safety and the smooth running of the 160th Hospices de Beaune wine sale, the Hospices Civils de Beaune and Christie’s are making adjustments and ask the participants present under the Halles to commit to respecting a strict health protocol. Generally speaking, the number of people present will bestrongly limited: public access will not be allowed.


The health context in which we are operating gives this anniversary sale an unprecedented symbolic significance. The commitment and courage of the hospital workers, mobilized on the front line to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, make it possible to respond to the health needs of the population, and to get through this crisis, exceptional in its scope and duration. All French hospital workers are expecting the sale to continue with professionals present under the Halles. The profits from the sale of the 2020 charity barrel will be used to finance exceptional non-refundable grants relatedtoCovid-19 for hospital patients who have been severely impacted by the health crisis, as well as for the children of deceased agents.


The Burgundy wine houses have been mobilized for several months for this exceptional sale. Its holding and the auction will also show the world that our country and Burgundy continue to work and produce.








Rarely has it been so difficult forme to put into words the main features of a vintage as for the 2020 one. Because there is so much to say about it, to try to transcribe, because summarizing it with simple climatic and vegetative elements will not do it justice… The context takes on its full meaning and will often beevoked here, because it also guided our minds and hearts throughout the campaign. I feel it is inseparable from the rest and this “2020 context” is undeniably part of the DNA of this vintage and its guaranteed emotions.


There is no shortage of reasons, and the global health crisisis on everyone’ s mind. However, everything had started well, according to new year greetings where everyone was making wordplays about the2020 vintage (“twenty”, in French, having the same pronounciation as “wine” ). A good omen?


And then, just as our buds burst, the planet went into lockdown; just as the vine was adorned with green leaves, our care takers were fighting a battle…  if our gestures were, throughout the year,  dedicated to taking care of the vine, our minds remained turned towards our care givers, dedicated to our close ones and their well being, to those with the sure gestures who save lives everyday


Against a back drop of humility, the spirit of our team was stronger than ever: how could we complain? We were at work,  in our vineyards and in the open air... #vinecontinues. Spontaneously, without having to say it, the whole team was passionately invested to overcome everything, to produce beautiful grapes, to make Great Wines, even more this year, for our great cause, our hospital, our care givers.





After a very mild autumn and winter, the vine showed its first signs of coming to live in mid-March… mean while the planet came to a standstill. We went on with the trelishing as from 20th March the chardonnay buds began to grow. For 6 months(Oct-March), the weather had been mild: at its coldest we had -5°C in the winter and on only one day. The Chamber of Agriculture even told us that only 7 days over the period were below zero, which is comfortable, but worrying…


On August 17th everything was ready, the teams were more mobilized than ever… so I was comfortable telling them “it’s decided, westarttomorrow!». Thus, our first pick started on Tuesday, August 18th on the sectors of Chaintré, but also in Meursault and Beaune where the grapes were tasty, the pips very brown with the taste of hazelnut. The skins were supple and tannic, the color and tannins of the Pinot grapes would probably be quite easy to extract. For the first time in its history, the estate had brought in its entire harvest during the month of August, finishing on the 29th in the Saint Romain area.


The vinification process went perfectly for both white and red wines, and the balances that emerge in our wines are extraordinary, and, let’s admit it, quite unexpected. The sunny side of the vintage is there, but the wines reveal an impressive aromatic freshness. Acidities are very present and the densities arealready felt. The whites have substance, without too high an alcohol content.The tannins of the reds are supple but powerful. The  ingredients of a great vintage, wich, for many reasons, is unforgettable, are therefore all present.



Ludivine Griveau-Régisseur du Domaine Viticoledes Hospices de Beaune







The 160th Hospices de Beaune Wine Sale
©Hospices de Beaune


Since 1945, every year the Hospices de Beaune have lent their support to one or more charities by donating to them the proceeds raised from one barrel of wine, called “A pièce” in Burgundy, – The Pièce des Présidents.


The Pièce des Présidents from the 2020 harvest will be a 228 liters’ barrel from The Clos de la Roche Grand Cru appellation.


An outstanding wine

It is in the rare Burgundy Grand Cru vineyards of the Côte de Nuits, an area renowned for the greatest Pinot Noir vintages, that Ludivine Griveau, manager of the Hospices de Beaune vineyards, has scrupulously selected the best vines within the climat of  “Les Froichots”, in the Grand Cru parcel of the Clos de la Roche domaine. Planted between 1968 and 1972 this old vine has remarkable properties which reveal themselves in the fruit and the tasting of the grapes confirming excellent ageing potential, perfect balance and beautiful structure.


A unique barrel

The wood used to make the barrel of the Pièce des Présidents is from grand cru oak grown in the Domaine de Chambord forest. Located in the Loire Valley, in the heart of France, the Chambord forest borders the national forests of Boulogne, Russy and Blois which are themselves ideal for oak barrel production.


It is also less than 150 kilometres away from the prestigious forests of Loches, Bercé and Tronçais. Through the ages the domaine has been preserved and the entirety of its forest is classified a historical monument.  Chambord complies with the sustainable management certifications Natura 2000 and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Today, the national domaine of Chambord is closely tied with the world of wine as it offers a limited edition of highquality oak barrels. This project is an impressive legacy whilst also being cost effective and sustainable: Chambord hopes its forest will regain a right ful place in French history, by promoting the lumber industry, developing the fame of its brand and lastly becoming part of an integrated initiative to promote wine tourism. This quest for excellence unites perfectly with the aspiration of the Hospices Civilsde Beaune to deliver an exceptional Presidents ‘barrel.







Front – line hospital workers from France and around the world have been mobilized to confront the Corona virus epidemic. Their commitment and courage have made it possible to respond to the health needs of a nation and to confront the magnitude of this unprecedented crisis. Some even making the ultimate sacrifice. It is fitting that this year, the profits from the sale of The Presidents’ barrel should benefit the hospital key-workers of France. They will be represented by The French Hospital Federation (F.H.F) and the Committee for Social Work Management in Public Hospitals (C.G.O.S.) who will ensure the distribution of the donation to hospital staff and their families affected by this epidemic.


Proceeds from the sale of the 2020 Charity Coin will be used to fund the exceptional non-refundable grants related to Covid-19. The C.G.O.S. will thus pay particular attention to the requests for aid that may be formulated by hospital patients who have been severely impacted by the health crisis as well as by the children of deceased agents .  Requests should be made using the exceptional non-refundable aid form, available on the C.G.O.S. website (down load able in the agents’ area) and should be sent, as usual, to the regional CGOS


The C.G.O.S, is an association under the law of 1901 serving more than 956,000 hospital civil agents. Since1960, theC.G.O.S., an on-profit association under the 1901 law, has been responsible for implementing and managing social action in favor of active or retired employees of public health, social and medico-social institutions  who are members of the C.G.O.S. and, under certain conditions, members of their families as defined by its Board of Directors.


The C.G.O.S is present in the joyful or difficult moments of the life of th eagents for whom it creates, pays and develops:

-Socia lbenefits;

-Reimbursable (ornot) aids to face punctual constraints;

-Cultural, sports and leisure activities; and anyother action that falls within the scope of its missions and that may be of a social nature.







13 DECEMBER 2020 – 2.00 PM CET



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