162nd Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction





Sale  of  Unique  ‘President’s  Barrel’

to Benefit Two Associations Dedicated to Children’s Causes

Represented by Flavie Flament and Benoit Magimel


To Offer 802 Barrels from all 51 Cuvées Produced from the 2022 Harvest, Including Two New Cuvées

*One of the Largest Ever Offerings in the History of the Auction*



Pièce des Présidents_Corton Grand Cru 2022
Courtesy of Sothebys


The Hospices Civils de Beaune will hold its 162nd wine auction on Sunday, 20 November 2022, with Sotheby’s, the world’s leading wine auctioneer. The 60-hectare estate, in its second year of organic conversion, will auction this year´s vintage to raise funds for major charitable investments. On this occasion, a so-called “charity piece” will be sold for the be nefit of two associations dedicated to children´s causes.



161st Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction
©THE FINE GUIDE – ATI / F. Glz. 2022


The 162nd edition of the annual Hospices de Beaune wine sale will present a total of 51 different cuvées of the 2022 vintage produced from vineyards across the Hospices’ 60-hectare holdings, now in its second year of organic conversion. These 51 cuvées will be divided into 802 lots: 620 barrels of red wines and 182 barrels of white wines. This year’s offering will include two new cuvées: Corton Grand Cru cuvée Les Renardes and Beaune 1er cru Clos des mouches cuvée Hugues et Louis Bétault.



©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s


Sotheby’s is working once again with the Hospices de Beaune, in preparation for this year’s auction. As per tradition, funds raised from the sale will be invested in the hospital facilities and buildings managed by the Hospices Civils de Beaune. For its 162nd sale, the Hospices de Beaune will pay tribute to the late Louis-Fabrice Latour  the head of Burgundy négociant Maison Louis Latour, a leading figure in Burgundy and a loyal supporter of the auction who sadly passed away in September, with a unique charity piece, a barrel of a Corton grand cru from the hill of Corton.


The proceeds from the sale of this special Charity barrel, also known as the Pièce des Présidents (Presidents’ barrel), will support two organisations: The Princesse Margot association, which supports children with cancer, and The World Vision organisation, whose mission is to help the most vulnerable children. Flavie Flament, presenter, and Benoit Magimel, actor, will preside over the sale of the Pièce des Présidents in the Halle de Beaune.



Pièce des Présidents_Corton Grand Cru 2022
Courtesy of Sothebys



For the Presidents’ barrel – the star lot of the auction – the Hospices de Beaune has selected a part of its Corton Grand Cru Rouge production for a blend of three of the domaine’s most beautiful terroirs (Corton Renardes, Corton Bressandes and Corton Chaume). Both the wine and its container are unique: the wine is currently being housed in a special 228-litre barrel made by the tonellerie of the Maison Louis Latour, in which it will continue to mature. The Hospices de Beaune and the Maison Louis Latour were keen to ensure that it was faithful in every respect to the traditional methods practised and held dear by Louis-Fabrice Latour.

©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s


Princess Margot Association

Created in 2012 by Muriel Hattab, the Princesse Margot association’s mission is to support children and teenagers with cancer and to help their families through the ordeal. Funds raised from the sale of the charity barrel will finance “La maison des Parents”, “Marg’Home”, an extension of the association’s mission to support young patients and their families. In order to remain close to their child, hospitalised for long periods, Princess Margot will offer temporary accommodation to families who live far from the hospital.

World Vision

World Vision, an international association that helps the most vulnerable children, is currently working in 12 countries through 18 long term development programmes. Taking a comprehensive approach to development in six key areas – water, education, health, nutrition, child protection and economic development the association is committed to working closely within each respective community. For the past 10 years, World Vision has been working in Kenya region by region, having joined the Big Dream project to make a national impact on the issue on female genital mutilation. It is now in the Samburu region, where it will focus all its efforts for a second five-year phase.



©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s


Beaune 1er cru Clos des mouches cuvée Hugues et Louis Bétault

This cuvée has been produced from a vineyard situated at an altitude of about 250m and facing east on a gentle slope. The vines are planted in a rather stony soil where beehives have given way to Chardonnay, allowing for the production of a wine of great finesse, with a strong structure on the finish. The parcel is arguably one of the most beautiful terroirs in Beaune and the wines have a huge potential for ageing with grace and elegance.





Vineyards and Estate
©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s


Corton grand cru cuvée Les Renardes

This terroir has a strong identity which is harmoniously expressed in the wine. The strength of its clay brings a tannic and full-bodied texture; the chalky and stony soil allows for the production of a pinot noir combining subtlety and complexity. This is undoubtedly what makes it one of the most renowned wine-growing plots in the Corton hillside, promising powerful wines with a high ageing potential. Since 2016, the Hospices de Beaune has separated its four Corton terroirs during the vinification process, a decision that makes sense both qualitatively and for the Burgundian identity of the Hospices.




©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s



Alain Suguenot, Mayor of Beaune and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hospices Civils de Beaune

The 162 nd Hospices de Beaune wine sale promises to be a major event, with exceptional wines thanks to a generous year.

In 2022, the funds will benefit children´s causes and two associations in particular:

 – Princesse Margot, created in 2012 by Muriel Hattab, whose mission is to support children with cancer and help their families through the ordeal engendered by the disease. The project to be carried out by the association with the profits from the sale of the charity piece is entitled “La maison des Parents” and is an extension of its mission to support young patients and their families.

In order to remain close to their sick child, hospitalised for long periods of time, Princesse Margot has decided to offer temporary accommodation to families.

 – Vision du Monde, the second association selected, has a presence wherever children suffer, in more than 100 countries.

Its mission is to help the most vulnerable children, to lift them out of extreme poverty and give them the means to live their lives to the full. Thanks to the very generous contribution brought by the sale of the #charity coin, World Vision wishes to invest in one of its priority projects, developed in Kenya. The project, “Kenya Big Dream”, aims to fight against genital mutilation and child marriage in order to allow each little girl and boy to realise their dreams and potential.



Alain Suguenot, Mayor of Beaune and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hospices Civils de Beaune
©Micha Patault – Courtesy of Sotheby´s


François Poher, Director and Chairman of the Board of Hospices Civils de Beaune

This year, and particularly during this difficult period, the vine has taught us a beautiful lesson. It has proved to us that by having depths of resolve and a great capacity to adapt, we are capable of bearing up and delivering our best.

There are two ways of operating and working at Hospices de Beaune. The first is to separate the management of a magnificent historic monument, the management of the wine estate and finally the management of a hospital and the nursing homes. I prefer the second, which draws resources, ideas and reference points for the whole institution from each of our activities. This is the case this year, which is centred around health, the environment and the theme of childhood. All this is linked.

Hospitality is important to us and we will continue on this path into 2023, when it will be the main theme of the cultural programme of the Hôtel Dieu. But we also want to implement a resolutely more human touch – at the hospital reception, on the telephone, in the departments and in the emergency room, which will be completely modified by March 2023.

All of this and the reconstruction of the hospital are made possible by the forthcoming sale of the wines.

Then there is the environment, since the winery has committed to organic conversion. Why is this? Because we are a hospital and we take care of the health of those who work in the vineyards, those who live around the vineyards and the health of our consumers.

Finally, the theme of children will be supported this year by two associations. Children´s causes are close to our hearts,  our pediatric department has seen double the number of cases of psychological disorders in children and adolescents as a result of the health crisis.



François Poher, Director and Chairman of the Board of Hospices Civils de Beaune
©Micha Patault – Courtesy of Sotheby´s




Ludivine Griveau, Manager of the Hospices de Beaune wine estate

This year, two themes are important, and both are reflective of the Hospices de Beaune wine estate today: the journey towards organic conversion, now in its second year, and the exceptional 2022 vintage.



©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s

The second year on the road to organic conversion

The organic conversion process is a philosophy that was already very much anchored in our practice, since my predecessor had already initiated the process on part of the estate, by limiting the use of synthetic chemicals.


Ever since 2017, we decided to stop using synthetic chemicals. We have chosen to undergo acomplete conversion of the estate, across all 60 hectares, with the full commitment of our twenty three winemakers and cellar staff.


We all share a common ethic of care, with the devotion of hospital staff at the forefront of our minds, and are doubly motivated to strike a respectful balance between health and the environment.


To embark on an organic conversion requires time, observation and the adaptation of our farming methods. In order to manage 60 hectares organically, we need to unite the winegrowers, work closely alongside these vineyard technicians, adapt our cultivation methods and ensure that we have efficient equipment. The vineyard is now in its second year of organic conversion in order to obtain the organic label for the Hospices de Beaune wines, for when they leave the winery in 2024.


To convert 60 hectares, the vineyard had to be adapted, different preventative measures had to be adopted as part of a complete programme and lastly, it had to be accepted that this process would take time.


©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s


A 2022 vintage that is a sight to behold!

The 2022 vintage is characterised by a mild climate. We had a perfect start to the season in terms of rainfall. Despite a big scare with the April frost, the spring was typically wet and the summer was dry and hot with some rain.

The bud-burst came early, with very generous fruit, and as this followed the previous year´s very poor yield, the sight of a bountiful harvest was good news indeed.

From the beginning of the season the vines were in good shape and the flowering took place under perfect conditions.



©Micha Patault – Courtesy Sotheby´s


The harvest was generous and healthy. It started on 25 August in Pouilly-Fuissé, then on 29 August in the Côte d’Or and ended on 16 September in Saint-Romain. A historically long harvest!


The whites are currently finishing their fermentation. They are dense and present a beautiful balance, notably in acidity. A real textbook case”, according to Ludivine.


For the reds, 46 vats are currently filled, with maceration planned for three weeks.


The devatting of the reds has begun and some of them are characterised by an elegant sweet ness, fruitiness and roundness, while others are characterised by strength and substance.


For the whites, there are beautiful lees with fruit, richness and balance.



Ludivine Griveau,
Manager of the Hospices de Beaune wine estate
©Micha Patault Courtesy of Sotheby´s


It´s a delight to have full vats and a winery that is buzzing with activity”,

Concludes Ludivine




©THEW FINE GUIDE – ATI / F. Glz. 2021


*Hospices Civils de Beaune

The history of the Hospices Civils de Beaune began in 1443 with the wish of Nicolas Rolin and Guigone de Salins to build a hospital: The Hôtel-Dieu. The founders’ charitable endeavour and act of patronage instituted a tradition that has allowed the Hospices de Beaune to flourish throughout history under exceptional conditions. Today, the Hospices Civils de Beaune includes the hospital centres of Beaune, Arnay-le-Duc, Seurre and Nuits-St-Georges. The Philippe Le Bon Hospital in Beaune is the support establishment of the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire du Sud Côte-d’Or.



©THE FINE GUIDE – ATI / F. Glz. 2021


The uniqueness of this hospital institution lies in the importance and the nature of its patrimony, which consists on the one hand of a historical monument, the 15th-century Hôtel-Dieu, which no longer accommodates patients or elderly residents since the beginning of the 1980s; and on the other hand of a prestigious vineyard in Beaune of 60 hectares of the best Burgundy appellations. All of these vineyards come from bequests and donations, and their production is sold each year at auction on the third Sunday of November, as part of the most famous charity sale in the world. Thus, through its heritage, this hospital institution plays a leading role in the two major activities of Beaune and its region: tourism and wine.





The auction, which can include more than 500 lots, is the most famous and oldest charity wine auction in the world (established in 1859). In keeping with its founding values, each year the Hospices de Beaune supports a charity by donating the profits from the sale of a pièce of wine, known as the “President’s Pièce”. The proceeds from the sale of the wines are used to maintain the hospital’s heritage and to modernise its equipment and buildings.




162nd  Hospices  de  Beaune  Wine  Auction

By Sotheby´s


20 November 2022

Beaune, Bourgogne – Burgundy. France




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