RIOJA AL DESNUDO – Rioja new event



Bodegas Familiares de Rioja shows it all

This 9th of March in the capital of Rioja Wine:  Logroño; Spain, 36  Wineries will present a professional tasting, that will denude (unveil) Rioja by terroirs, by varieties and by styles.


RIOJA AL DESNUDO (Naked Rioja) is the slogan of the free of charge and very exclusive wine tasting for professionals (with prior reservation), that Bodegas Familiares of Rioja (Independent Family Wineries) has orgasnized for the 9th of March in the Congress Palace of Logroño – Riojafórum.

The event is a grand tasting, unpresedented to date, that offers a journey through The Rioja Region, with 20 a la carta – selected  proposals and with more than a hundred wines from 36 wineries; showing the diversity of the wine region by terroirs, grape varieties and processing (elaboration) styles.

RIOJA AL DESNUDO (Naked Rioja) has schedule a package of 20 wine tastings, grouped by singular vineyards, wines of the municipality, wine rigions ( Sonsierra, Iregua, Leza, Najerilla, Yerga, amomg others); variety of grapes, Including minorities like Maturana Tinta Graciano, mazuelo or Tempranillo blanco (white Tempranillo). processing styles (Carbonic Maceration, crianza, reserva, Gran Reserva,  mud amphora…); Centennial Vineyards,  new projects and also young producers are available to the wine restoration and distribution professionals.

Similar to the presentation of the new Vintages at Bordeux, France; Bodegas Familiares will offer the tasting by themathic batches, attended by sommeliers in a hall at The Riojafórum, allowing the professional to choose at his laisure the tastings he consider more suitable for him, Meanwhile the 36 wineries will be also available to attendees in the upper floor lobbies.





Tasting Proposals:


Singular Vineyards


Vinos de Pueblo – Town Wines or Wines of the Municipality


Tempranillos del Iregua y el Leza


Tempranillos de los Sonsierra


Garnachas del Najerilla


Garnachas de Rioja Baja


Garnachas de la Sonsierra y los Obarenes


Vinos de Viñedos Centenarios (Wines of Centennial Vineyards)


Vinos de Maceración Carbónica (Wines of Carbonic Maceration)


The Rioja ‘Crianzas’


Reserva Wines


Grand Reserva Wines


Beyond Wood


Ecological Wines


Maturana Tinta Wines


Graciano Wines


Tempranillo Blanco Wines


Rioja Viuras (White Grapes)


Other White Ideas


Rosados (Rosé Wines)


New Producers



The Campaign has already been lauched on social networks, with an remarkable participation of five winwmaker from the association.


The idea – Naked Rioja, arose almost like a joke, as we actually wanted to make a very professional wine tasting event, demostrating as far as possible the diverity of Rioja. We tought that this campaign was pricisely the way to undress the wine region, said Ana Jimenez – CEO –  Bodegas Familiares del Rioja.


We have always been in favor of removing labels and distinctions in the world of wine and indeed the beret is a commom element in our promotional actions


We are village wineries and  we make excellent wines that go much beyond of the Jack, Horse, King with wich many consumer have typecast Rioja.



Las bodegas – The Wineries:

Abeica (Ábalos), Alvia (Ventosa), Arizcuren (Quel), Bagordi (Andosilla), Castillo de Mendoza (San Vicente), Cupani (San Vicente), David Moreno (Badarán), D. Mateos (Aldeanueva de Ebro), Eduardo Garrido (Ábalos), Bodegas y Viñedos Eguíluz (Ábalos), El Vino Pródigo/Brujo Wines (San Vicente), Finca de los Arandinos (Entrena), Gerardo Viteri (Assa-Lanciego), González Puras (San Asensio), Hacienda Grimón (Ventas Blancas), Heras Cordón (Fuenmayor), Hermanos Hernáiz (Baños de Rioja), Ilurce (Alfaro), Bodegas JER (Huércanos), Juan Carlos Sancha (Baños de Río Tobía), Lecea (San Asensio), Leza García (Uruñuela), Martínez Alesanco (Badarán), Mazuela (Cenicero), Navarrsotillo (Calahorra), Nestares Eguizábal (Galilea), Ortega Ezquerro (Tudelilla), Paco García (Murillo), Bodegas Perica (San Asensio), Pretium (Cuzcurrita), Tobelos (Briñas), Ramírez de la Piscina (San Vicente), Señorío de Villarica (Hervías), Teodoro Ruiz Monge (San Vicente), Vallemayor (Fuenmayor); Viña Ane (San Vicente) y Viña Ijalba (Logroño).



XXIII  Grand Testing and presentation of Rioja  Vintage

– 10 to 14 :           Esclusive  tasting for profesionales with invitation.

– 17.30 to 19 :    General Public Admission

– 19 to 21 :           General Public Admission





Rioja al Desnudo


Bodegas Familiares of Rioja


Congress Palace of Logroño – Riojafórum

9th March 2020




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