GRAND PAVOIS – La Rochelle
©Courtesy: Grand Pavois – 2022


Taking place from Wednesday 20 to Monday 25 September  in the wonderful Port des Minimes of la Rochelle, France. The Grand Pavois La Rochelle 2023 highlights the qualities of French, European and world boat production as well as New and Inovative Technologies.


Guest country of honour for 2023: South Africa

A country where “you forget everything you’ve done up until now to enjoy a travel experience that will transform you. Touching, feeling, hearing, reconnecting with your body, your soul and your mind. A country packed with rich, authentic and real experiences. Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, a roaring wildlife, a vibrant urban energy, the incredible warmth and cultural diversity of its people, a rich history stretching back thousands of years, and an explosion of flavours to savour – South Africa invites you to live all over again. Experience a journey of a lifetime that will completely transform you“.



the Grand Pavois Organisation is exceptionally offering a card called Exclusive for two people to facilitate the arrival of visitors who wish to visit the show for one day, optimise their trip and their show’s experience in the best conditions. This card, valid for one day for two people, gives access to a wide range of excussive services.


Highlights and Inovations

– Global revenue estimated to be $20 billion in 2027,
– More than 40 companies expected to present their products and innovations,
– Start-ups given pride of place in the space: “Sustainable innovations with EDF”,
– Presentation of companies, start-ups and products..


Revenue estimated to be $20 billion…

“According to the conclusions of a report published by IDTechEx, the electric boat market is expected to grow exponentially over the next ten years. With about a hundred manufacturers already present on the market, the report believes that the electric and hybrid boat segment could be worth up to $20 billion worldwide in 2027. According to the report’s authors, “the leisure sailing sector will experience the strongest growth driven by regulations increasingly favourable to electric propulsion, especially on inland waterways in Europe and the United States, which will gradually be closed to motor boats” Source AFBE. But, the future is also about all the solutions available in the fields of recycling, green energy, design firms, etc.

Aware of the great challenges of the present and the future, the ecological transition in the water sports sector is experiencing exponential growth. For the past few years, the Grand Pavois La Rochelle, a showcase for the sector’s main trends, has placed a focus on the actions developed by all the sector’s professionals and institutional players, and this year it will present:

– An Eco Sailing & Sustainable Innovations space with EDF covering more than 1,200 m2

Visitors will be able to discover about forty companies and start-ups in a dedicated space of over 1,200 m2. This space, which will be divided into 2 parts, will present products either on land or in-water. This is a great advantage for the fifteen or so boats presented in-water, some of which are available to test, with EDF, the partner of this space, fitting the pontoon with new-generation electric chargers. Thus, in addition to presenting the port equipment solutions available, it will also be possible to recharge boats easily and free of charge!

Electric boats, recharging stations for ports, electric propellers, electric hydrofoil catamarans, green fuel, solutions for converting boats from thermal to electric power, ecological careening stations, green fuel, boat lifespan extension and recycling, fast chargers, architects and design firms, recycled hair and depollutants, etc. A multitude of solutions to be discovered during the 6 days of the show!


– Start-ups given pride of place at “Sustainable innovations with EDF”

Launched in 2019, this partnership with EDF aims to present the new solutions that will be found in sailing in the future. As a stakeholder in the energy transition, EDF defends and encourages eco- design and offers companies the chance to adapt their socio-economic model with the addition of new functions and the study of new uses. This space within the space will be devoted to start-ups working for the water sports sector.



GRAND PAVOIS – La Rochelle
©Courtesy: Grand Pavois / ©Olivier Blanchet 2022



Focus on the initiatives, projects and solutions available on the market today and those that will be available in the future: electric boats, electric propulsion and engines, green solutions, and more.


ARMEN INITIATIVE (29 – Audierne) offers solutions for sailing that is kinder to the maritime environment. Armen Initiative is committed to a new approach to a technological transition in the sailing world (leisure sailors and professionals) and offers effective, sustainable and environmentally- friendly services and boats. Thanks to an innovative HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) solution, Armen Initiative offers a 100% recyclable product that is able to withstand the marine environment without compromising on comfort, quality and strength.


 ECO CONCEPT MARINE – SEA’U Expérience (72 – La Ferté-Bernard) Created by the French company Eco Concept Marine, specialising in electric boat engineering, SEA’U designs French boats that are 100% electric and 90% recyclable. No licence is necessary to sail the two boats in the SEA’U range, the EcoKart and the JetBoat. The EcoKart offers a completely original experience on the water thanks to its steering position inspired by the world of karting, its steering wheel and its two floaters which offer the trimaran astonishing stability. The JetBoat is a semi-rigid inflatable designed for up to 4 people.


 IZIBOAT – ECOSY BOATING (17 – La Rochelle) Great performances for this catamaran over 5 metres long which can be folded (62 cm wide when folded) and towed by bicycle. ECOSY represents easy, solidarity-based, sustainable and inter-generational sailing. Assembled in 15 minutes thanks to an ingenious push-fit and tension-lock system, it is controlled with a joystick and is accessible to children, adults, beginners, the elderly and PRM. The electric engine means that you can get home safely if needed, 4 people can sail on board and the ergonomic seat in the middle ensures the safety of children. Further information


SOLARBOATS – LASAI (06 – Antibes) LASAI solar-powered electric boats by LB Yachting blend into the environment. LASAI’s 6.80-metre solar-powered electric boats blend into the environment. Free of waste, noise pollution and with digital energy management, they offer excellent sailing comfort. With their avant-garde design, the choice of materials and the components used, LASAI combines technological innovation and experience for sailing in coastal waters. They can reach speeds of up to 12 knots and enjoy 10 hours of autonomy.


NAVIWATT SARL (56 – Arzon) Naviwatt is a naval architecture firm, design office and shipyard. It designs all types of electric boats and is currently the reference in France in this field. From small tourist boats to passenger ships, barges, sailboats and catamarans, Naviwatt bases all its work on an eco-responsible policy and strives to minimise its environmental impact. The boat hulls are 100% recyclable and the propulsion systems do not emit any toxic products. The company works to reduce gas and noise emissions on the water. The Zenpro 580 is a highly-functional fully electric semi-rigid inflatable that is light, strong, durable and easy to maintain. Naviwatt has developed an EFM app that helps you to optimise use and control consumption.


NEOCEAN (34 – Sète) is a deep tech company with multiple certifications produced by leading robotics and electronics laboratories at the University of Montpellier and is at the crossroads between green tech, digital technology and embedded systems. Neocéan: zero emissions, zero noise and zero wake thanks to the hydrofoils. Presented by the company, the Overboat is a compact, electric, automatic and ecological catamaran. Flight is possible for all and the Overboat’s incomparable qualities on the water mean that it is suitable for a very wide audience: professionals looking for a boat that is easy to handle, quiet and wave-free; individuals wanting to enjoy an outing on the water and enjoy the unique sensation of flying silently above the water. The French start-up builds the Overboat in France to optimise quality, reliability and maintainability for professionals and the leisure sailing sector.


PINBALL BOAT SAS (17 – Le Château-d’Oléron) Created in 2016, Pinball Boat is focused on electric propulsion and new uses in the leisure sailing sector. The Pinball is an electric/hybrid catamaran that combines the performance of an original electric propulsion system and the power of an inboard diesel engine. This “e-hybrid” propulsion system, developed and patented by Pinball Boat, opens up new possibilities for pleasure sailing. Electric mode offers all the advantages of 100% electric propulsion without any autonomy constraints, as well as amazing manoeuvrability.


SAVIBOAT BY TECLA (16 – Genté), French manufacturer of electric leisure boats based in the heart of the River Charente region. With its products and concepts, as well as its experience and tools, Saviboat By Tecla offers boat owners the chance to turn their asset into a profitable business. Building on two designs, the Port Miniature, the Derby range and the Elite 5, Saviboat provides operating solutions for local authorities, private estates, hotels and tourist resorts, helping them to promote their rivers or lakes.



GRAND PAVOIS – La Rochelle
©Courtesy: Grand Pavois – 2022


MERCURY MARINE FRANCE (17 – La Rochelle) Active in the electric market, it will be possible to discover the Mercury® Avator™ 7.5e electric outboard at the show. It delivers clean, quiet power that’s as simple to use as it is fun to drive. Available in tiller and remote steer models, it features a quick-connect battery and intuitive controls that make setup and operation a breeze. And with advanced displays and other technologies that monitor your battery level and range, users will be able to explore the water with confidence. A flat battery? Easy, just change it with one click! A revolutionary process proposed by this leading name in outboard motorisation.


ADV PROPULSE – (33 – Mérignac) is the first company that succeeded in prototyping rotors based on the movement of a fish’s tail by combining the oscillation of the blades
with the rotation of the drum to create the very first biomimetic ship propulsion system. A mechanism that is the subject of five international patents. Their product, the SmartSail 10, the first trochoidal propeller marketed in the world, is a complete system combining the essential functions for responsible, stress-free leisure sailing: understated electric propulsion, green electricity production to cover on board needs, including on yachts with the most equipment, as well as easier manoeuvring.


ECOBOATS (33 – Arcachon) specialises in marketing and remotorisation of boats equipped with ecological propulsion systems. These electric engines are effective, quiet, environmentally friendly and reliable. A solution that does not release emissions into the air or water, thus minimising global warming. ECOBOATS offers a complete range of boats with powerful and efficient electric motors. A high-quality solution for all: Passengers can sail on seas or lakes in complete silence and take advantage of their immediate environment.


EPROPULSION (34118 – Frontignan) High-performance electric motors for a unique sailing experience. EPROPULSION offers a range of outboard and inboard electric motors from 1 Kw to 100 Kw able to produce electricity under sail (hydrogenerator) for greater range and sustainability. Innovative and powerful, EPROPULSION engines are suitable for all types of sailing and a wide variety of boats, whether at sea or on inland waters. Environmentally friendly and silent, they are ideal for fishing trips, but above all they improve the pleasure and comfort of leisure boating in general.


HASWING – (34 – Frontignan) Electric outboard motors for sailing in harmony with nature. HASWING offers a range of light and powerful electric outboards from 20 to 160 Lbs. Easy to transport and easy to install and use, these engines are perfect for a wide range of boats and can be used in fresh and salt water. Very popular among nature lovers for their low noise emissions, HASWING outboards offer the joy of silent sailing whether on a fishing trip or an excursion with family and friends.


MOTION CONCEPT GROUP (33 – Lacanau) is a French start-up dedicated to technological assistance in the field of water sports. It develops assistance solutions that respect the original sporting gesture and enhance it for more pleasure, emotions, comfort, duration or even performance in practice, with a marked desire for social and environmental responsibility. Kahe Surf is the first brand to benefit from Motion Core Technology, an intelligent electrical assistance system that increases the performance of boards.


TEMO (44 – Nantes) produces a range of portable, easy-to-install electric motors for all types of small craft: dinghies, sailing boats, rowing boats. Portable, silent and powerful, with an interchangeable battery system, the TEMO-1000 electric outboard is the perfect environmentally- friendly propulsion method. Designed to fit large dinghies and/or small sailboats up to 8 metres long, this innovative and ergonomic engine makes it easy to take to the open seas. In addition to the TEMO 1000, the team will be presenting the TEMO 450. The award-winning TEMO 450 is a 5 kg tubular outboard motor with a built-in battery that can drive boats weighing up to 500 kg for 1 hour: ideal for small dinghies, rowing boats or dinghies. Test the 2 engines at their stand!

CRUZE (33 – Lège-Cap-Ferret) Cruze is the official retailer for the Lift electric foil brand. Lift foil is a pioneer in the production of foils that has produced a great technological feat in over 10 years. At the cutting edge of innovation, Lift e-Foil is the only electric foil designed entirely in carbon and uses a latest-generation lithium-ion battery to power its silent electric motor. Not requiring any wind or waves, the e-Foil has transformed the world of board sports with unique sensations of gliding and flying and, according to them, with the added bonus of freedom that cannot be experienced in any other water sport! Further information.



SYNAPSEO NAUTISME (56 – Nivillac) Passionate about the sea and wishing to sail on boats that do not use fossil fuel and protect the environment and marine resources, Synapseo Nautisme has developed innovative electric engines. The aim is to convert boats to electric power with new inboards able to adapt and replace the diesel and petrol engines that already installed. KYWAT is optimised and configured for each boat. On the propeller shaft or the saildrive, this engine replaces the old engine on the original mount. Everything is included in the engine block.


WEENAV (59 – Bondues) is revolutionising sailing by transforming thermal boats into electric or hybrid versions that combine power and range, peace and quiet and zero CO2 emissions. Thanks to cutting-edge LIFEPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology, our batteries not only ensure optimal safety, they also offer exceptional durability with 3,500 charge cycles, way ahead of the 1,200 cycles for conventional lithium-ion batteries. And for complete peace of mind at sea, our Safe Return to Base app, developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency, guarantees safe and responsible sailing with the help of satellite data.



RAND PAVOIS – La Rochelle
©Courtesy: Grand Pavois – 2022


YUNIBOAT – (44 – Batz sur mer) is a shipyard based in Le Pouliguen with mobile yards in Le Croisic, La Turballe, Pornichet and Piriac. With over 20 years of experience in this field, the Yuniboat team specialises in reconditioning boats as part of an eco-circular logic. Their leitmotiv is to extend the life of boats before they are scrapped, and favour the recycling of “second-hand” boats to avoid boats remaining unused in ports and marinas by offering them refitted for charter or sale.



AQUA SUPERPOWER (London – England) is the first waterside network of fast-charging hubs for electric boats. At no cost to the host site, Aqua installs, operates and maintains a range of AC and DC charging solutions with a current maximum output of 150 kW, enabling DC-compatible electric boats to be recharged quickly and increase their range. Aqua superPower has developed the first supercharger designed and recognised for use in the marine environmen.


TAO PERFORMANCE (76 – Rouen). Protection of lithium installations – The TAO EMS (Energy Management System) is a control and protection device for electrical installations. More than a simple BMS (Battery Management System), it monitors all systems, from chargers to consumer equipment. Whether the installation is new or existing, TAO EMS is easy to install and configure. Working in complete autonomy, it protects lithium batteries, coordinates charging and conversion equipment and ensures perfect control of the system as a whole. Combining performance and safety, TAO EMS increases energy autonomy, extends the lifespan of lithium batteries and ensures the safety of equipment and users alike.



G&G BOATWASH – (13 – Velaux) is an exclusive distributor of drive-in ecological careening stations and solar-powered seawater desalination solutions for ports, marinas, shipyards, water sport associations and leisure and rental centres. Its products are based on a wish to protect the sea and natural resources and reduce the impact of water sport activities on the marine environment, whilst also offering solutions that ensure financial and practical advantages for port facilities and sailors alike. Careening: In 15 minutes, the hull is cleaned afloat, with no need for antifouling paint, 100% ecological for boats up to 53 feet (16m). Desalination: solar-powered production of fresh water for port requirements, without batteries!


FINSULATE (44 – Nantes) is a new-generation antifouling. Without exception, antifouling paints try to prevent the on-growth of mussels, algae and other organisms through the toxic substances they contain. Aside from chemical aspects and their environmental implications, the paints generally do not last long, and their antifouling effect is weakened whenever the ship lies still. Finsulate is a very special film developed to protect the hull, and it was developed using the very same principle as sea urchins: tiny spines on its surface insulate the hull from organisms that are unable to become attached to it. Finsulate comes in the form of an easy-to-apply, environmentally-friendly self-adhesive sheet and has a lifespan of at least 5 years.


PERIMETRE (17 – Perigny) a company dedicated to building and public works professionals, AD NAUTIC is a special bonding agent for boats. It’s a latest-generation, solvent-free, single component hybrid MS-Polymer sealant formulated especially for the flexible bonding and sealing of all fittings on board a boat.



ASPEN France – (91 – Brières les Scellés) Ecological fuels – The Aspen range of ready-to-use fuels for 2-stroke, 4-stroke and diesel engines is better for equipment, people and the environment. Made from Alkylate (2T/4T) or from almost 100% renewable sources (Diesel), the new-generation fuels will make starting easier, stay fresh for up to 5 years and offer improved performance, all that whilst also respecting the environment and protecting the user. Developed for small machines, these fuels will meet every need, whether for dinghies, outboards, sailboats, lawnmowers, chainsaws and even high-pressure thermal cleaners. Alkylate is now recommended as the ideal choice by more and more small engine makers


ECOFHAIR – (69 – Vénissieux) is a company specialising in depollution with recycled hair. ECOFHAIR is a company active in the development of the circular economy and in promoting
depollution activities whilst also supporting and assisting professional integration. ECOFHAIR supports the objective of the Coiffeurs Justes association, set up in 2015 by Thierry Gras, which for the past 6 years has been raising awareness among hairdressing professionals about hair recycling and its ability to adsorb hydrocarbons. One kilo of hair absorbs 8 litres of hydrocarbons. Hair is hydrophilic, rot-resistant and strong. It can be washed and reused.


TRANSFLUID (38 – Rochetoirin) Founded in Milan (Italy) in 1957, Transfluid is a reference in the world of industrial transmission equipment. Transfluid has been producing marine electric propulsion and hybrid systems for over 10 years and has more than 3,200 boats in operation around the world. Present in the Professional Marine, Yachting and Leisure Boating markets, Transfluid and its Bellmarine brand are distributed worldwide. Transfluid also has five branches in Australia, China, France, Germany and the United States, a representative office in Brazil and 42 distributors worldwide. Bellmarine electric propulsion systems are particularly well suited to yachts, as they enable regeneration even with a folding propeller. Parallel hybrid systems ensure long-distance cruising, even on motorboats or boats with high service energy requirements.



E-NAV SYSTEMS – (34 – La Grande Motte) is a design company that specialises in providing propulsion and green energy solutions for boats: electric and hybrid engines, hydro-generation, photovoltaic or wind power production. It equips different types of boats: pleasure or racing sailboats, motorboats, charteryatchs, passenger boats, workboats, dinghies and design electric or hybrid motorisation solutions by choosing the best of the current technology in order to offer optimal navigation performances and comfort on board. E-NAV Systems is the agent in France for OCEANVOLT electric motorisation solutions, and will be presenting the new HP SERVOPROP 30 KW in 48 volts.


ORIA MARINE – (75 – Paris) is a Naval tech subsidiary of the Zodiac Milpro group that works to decarbonise the maritime sector, whether leisure sailing, ports, water sports bases or maritime authorities. ORIA Marine collects data from boats using its ORIA Box units. The data is then analysed, translated into reports and actions to be taken in order to improve the operational and environmental performance of professional fleets.


STUDIO ENDEMIQUE (17 – Rochefort), a global design agency specialising in naval and industrial design. Founded in 2022, Studio Endémique is a global agency that designs, develops and supports innovative, socially and politically committed projects. Half-way between Industrial Design and Nava Design, the agency is fully invested in its local area and promotes local materials and know-how. The projects initiated by Studio Endémique question the impact of our water sport practices on the environment. The agency is currently developing a complete range of eco-designed water sport supports based on wood and local natural fibres. The SCOWPTI 7′ sailing boat prototype presented prefigures the lines and characteristics of future boats in the range.


More Inovation and exhibitors here:


GRAND PAVOIS – La Rochelle
©Courtesy: Grand Pavois 2022/ © GILLES DELACUVELLERIE



It was in 1973, in the midst of the oil crisis, that four pioneers from La Rochelle’s shipyards took the lead and formed the hard core of an independent professional association whose aim would be to coordinate and promote the interests of the water sports industry. They created the Grand Pavois association. Its ambition? To create an in-water show where it would be possible to boatyard managers, discover the boats in-water and, above all, make appointments to try out boats at sea. They were Henri Amel, Roger Mallard, Michel Dufour and Fernand Hervé.

Henri Amel was a shipyard owner and an experienced yachtsman. His boats, named after the winds, were already experiencing a much-deserved success.

Roger Mallard, a ship builder, sold 750 models of the Écume de Mer in five years, more than half of which were for export.

Michel Dufour invented the counter-moulded hull, a process that he used in the construction of his famous Sylphe and Arpège.

Finally, Fernand Hervé, a well-known figure in La Rochelle, had mastered unit manufacturing, including moulds used for mass production by other shipyards.


A unique example in Europe and almost unique in the world of trade shows, the Grand Pavois Organisation Association has always been governed by professionals at the service of professionals and yachtsmen. As a result of this associative status, GPO has a very strong connection with the professional world of international yachting.


GRAND PAVOIS – La Rochelle
©Courtesy: Grand Pavois – 2022



20 to 25 September
Port des Minimes- La Rochelle, France


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